Look, we all took like, fucking AP Calculus in high school but never learned how to balance a check book… but even we can see that when they talk about defunding Planned Parenthood the math just doesn’t add up. Seems like there’s a lot of reckless spending going on when it comes to personal jets or people with 100k salaries. Forever reminder: when people complain that they shouldn’t “Have to fund your abortion” they legit have NO concept of all the shit we fund through taxes… and FEDERAL FUNDS CAN’T GO TO TAXES SO UNLESS YOUR STATE IS ONE OF THE FEW THAT FUNDS ABORTION, THIS STATEMENT ISN’T EVEN TRUE!

In other news: our buds at UltraViolet and Credo are exposing fake clinics by calling out Google, our other bud Willie Parker wait a great essay for Glamour about how the South is failing pregnant people, and our DEFINITELY not buds Louisiana politicians just teed up a bunch of shitty anti-abortion laws in time for summer.