You guys, we’re so excited today! Because last night, on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver spent 21 minutes EXPOSING FAKE CLINICS. That’s right, he devoted his show to talking about the the deceitful tactics these these clinics use to trick pregnant people. And he mentioned our LPJL action at the Hartford GYN Center where we painted their ramp yellow so that patients wouldn’t be mislead into going to the fake clinics located LITERALLY DIRECTLY NEXT DOOR. Watch this segment and share it on your FB so that even your most conservative relatives realize how messed up this places are! Then watch our video about our time in Hartford.

In other news, anti-choicers are still clutching their pearls over the firing of Kevin Williamson and boy oh boy we wish women and people of color were given this much empathy in major publications, clinics in Missouri and Arkansas (dang Arkansas, we don’t hear from you much!) are going to court to fight shitty anti-abortion laws in their states, and it’s only Monday but we may have found our favorite headline of the week in “Tacos for Abortion Event Raises Money, Protest.”