All the Single Abortion Clinics

This is a reminder- Seven states have only one abortion clinic. ONE! The states are KENTUCKY, MISSISSIPPI, MISSOURI, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, WEST VIRGINIA, and WYOMING. And it’s only a matter of time until one of them has no abortion provider at all. We’re at this point because clinics in those states and in many others are constantly being harassed with TRAP-law style restrictions and medically unnecessary rules designed so that they can’t comply and end up getting shut down. Abortion is a constitutional right. And denying people access to a right is denying them that right. Remember, when we say a “state” only has one clinic, what we’re saying is that thousands of people are being denied their rights.


Your Monday Morning Texas BS

If it’s Monday morning, TEXAS lawmakers must be fucking with abortion rights somehow. Today it’s a bill sent to the governor’s desk (and sure to be signed and soon!) that restricts private insurance carriers’ coverage for abortion. And NO SURPRISE at all, there are NO exceptions for rape and incest. The bill makes Texans purchase extra insurance to cover abortion other than in a medical emergencies. So head on down to your local abortion insurance office, folks! The shits who voted for this bill say they don’t want Texas policyholders to be sullied by sharing an insurance pool that would have the gall to cover abortion services. Stay crazy, Texas legislators—we’ll check back in tomorrow.


 Shout (A Little Bit Softer Now)

Shouts are out. The screaming nut cases outside of abortion clinics in MAINE, at least, aren’t going to be screaming as loud for a while. A federal judge ruled that cops can enforce Maine’s noise ordinance against the knot of nuts who regularly hurl anger and insults at Portland’s Planned Parenthood clinic. The court said that the anti-noise rule is enforceable because it’s message neutral—so threats and hate weren’t singled out! Authorities invoked the law when disruptions outside the clinic became so loud that they interfered with the ability of the clinic to provide care. The decision may still be appealed, but for now the shouters have to keep it to a low roar. 



 When Your Neighbors Are The Worst

There goes the neighborhood. What happens when a CPC moves in next to a real clinic? CPC’s are those fake Crisis Pregnancy Centers that lie to women about their abortion options and about abortion in general. Our Expose Fake Clinics program is designed to call them out for their lies and misinformation. You don’t have to go far to find one, especially if you’re a REAL women’s clinic. CPC’s love to leech onto areas where real clinics are to maximize the confusion. And there are FIVE fake clinics for every real one! A CPC moved into the same complex as a provider in Hartford, CONNECTICUT. Patients trying to visit the clinic suffer constant attempts to misroute them to the fake clinic, are fed lies about abortion, and are shamed and harassed.  Despite congressional reports that show that 87 percent of CPC’s give out false and misleading information, they still receive millions in funding from state and local governments. Help fight back and Expose Fake Clinics  like they did at Netroots Nation This weekend! 

Stop. Giving. Fake. Clinics. Our. Tax. Dollars.

was the message heard loud and clear in the Peachtree state this weekend! Pro-choice protestors took on a fake CPC in Atlanta, GEORGIA—one that’s receiving tax dollars from unsuspecting Georgians. Sister Song, and Reproaction organized a massive protest during the Netroots Nation conference that had hundreds of activists targeting the so-called Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic, which has nothing to do with “care” and seeks only to lie to women. While Netroots and others were giving them some well-deserved shit, the state of Georgia was giving $3 million to an organization that funds these lie factories. Life Resources of Georgia, who describe themselves as a “pro-life Christian organization” just got a massive infusion of tax dollars from the Georgia Department of Public Health—money they’ll spend to lie and deceive the people of Georgia by funding fake clinics like the one in Atlanta. And it’s not just Georgia. At least 14 states fund these liars. STOP TAXPAYER FUNDING OF LIES! EXPOSE FAKE CLINICS.