Prez and Anti abortion crusading troll Troy Newman Share, Like, Everything… Even Anti-Choice Extremist Lawyers

Lawyering Down: We’ve told you repeatedly how Donald Trump is stacking the entire executive branch with anti-choice wingnuts like Betsy DeVos at Education and Charmaine Yoest at HHS. Even Trump’s personal lawyer is thoroughly entrenched in the ugly world of battling repro rights! You may have seen Jay Sekulow on TV stumbling through half-assed defenses of Trump. Sekulow is the mouthpiece for a lot of assholes, to delightfully mix metaphors. This piece from Rewire details Suck-You-Low’s work with everyone from the anti-abortion radical Troy Newman (banned from the continent of Australia!) to the slimeball video hacks who attacked Planned Parenthood. From the creeps who harassed Dr. George Tiller before his murder to fraudulent Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Jay Sekulow has made a career out of defending the indefensible. Adding Donald Trump to the list just makes sense. 


Who Run the (Rest of the) World? Girls. And it Affects Abortion Rights 

World Class Chile! The nation of CHILE has taken a huge step forward in abortion rights, thanks to the tireless efforts of President Michelle Bachelet. It shows what can be accomplished with a woman in charge! Chile’s top court voted to overturn the country’s total ban on abortion—one that dated back to 1989 and the brutal dictator Augusto Pinochet. Chile isn’t suddenly a paradise of repro-rights—the new ruling only permits abortions in the cases of rape, to save the mother’s life, or if the fetus is unviable. Still, it’s a huge step forward. Now only three countries on earth have total bans on abortion—El Salvador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. All have male leaders. Coincidence?


NM Puts Their Money Where Their Clinic Is, and Defundemntalists in Their Place 

New Mexico, New Day. The Planned Parenthood center in Farmington, NEW MEXICO, slated to close next month, is going to remain open, thanks to generous donations from the surrounding community! Sadly, two other clinics still are closing, also for financial reasons, leaving New Mexico with four Planned Parenthood locations. The Farmington location doesn’t perform abortions, but does provide vital contraceptive and LIFE SAVING exam services. Providing care to low-income people costs money—money that the patients don’t have. As much as your local clinic needs your emotional support, they all need financial support as well, especially in this era of defunding and demonization. 


Kentucky Has a Chance to Have More Than One Clinic (Millions of Emojis Fly Through the Air) 

Check your (admitting) privilege! KENTUCKY currently has only ONE abortion clinic, which is barely hanging on. But the University of Louisville’s University Medical Center is considering whether to grant hospital admitting privileges that would end the threat to the current clinic AND allow a second clinic to offer abortion care! Those “admitting privileges” are totally unnecessary—a bullshit TRAP law technique that many states use to try and shut clinics down. But the UMC may grant the admitting privileges, saving one clinic and clearing the way for another. But they face incredible political pressure in a state with GOP politicians who are very hostile to repro rights. In the meantime, both clinics are mounting a legal challenge to the law requiring the admitting privileges in the first place. Keep on fighting, Kentucky! 


Twenty-Twenty-Twenty-Four Hours Must Go! Florida Judge to Hear Case on Abortion Waiting Period 

What a difference a day makes! Especially when you’re trying to schedule your reproductive care around your work load and travel requirements. Hopefully FLORIDA women will be spared having to lose a day to do just that. A judge will hear arguments in November on the constitutionality of Florida’s 24-hour waiting period for abortions. The waiting period law is currently on hold due to a temporary injunction. And Florida women aren’t alone—according to the Guttmacher Institute, 27 states have mandatory abortion waiting periods, often 48 or even 72 hours! End forced waiting periods! A right delayed is a right denied! 



TOMORROW: the LPJL team will #ExposeFakeClinics by taking it to the streets (again!) We’re protesting AAA Pregnancy Center in Deerfield, Long Island, one of the close to 4,000 fake, anti-abortion “clinics” all over the country that deceive women and pregnant people. Why did we chose AAA? (which might actually stand for “Anti Abortion Asshats”) THE HYPOCRISY! On their website, this FAKE CLINIC promises vulnerable pregnant women that they will “help you understand your options so you can make a well-informed decision.” But they’re run by the Christian-based “Life Center of Long Island” (formerly called Mother and Unborn Baby Care of Long Island) which has said publicly that they target “abortion vulnerable women” and that “when a woman learns the “facts” about fetal development, the possible complications resulting from an abortion, and is educated on all the help that is available to her, the majority of the time she will choose to carry her baby to term.”

There are a few ways that YOU can join us in taking action against these Anti-Abortion Assholes: use this guide to call and write a review, upvote accurate reviews (like Anna’s), and/or organize an in-person action! Stay tuned to our social channels for the Facebook live link, and get ready to comment and share!