When That Hotline Bling, That Can Only Mean One Thing: Abortion Funding

Who you gonna call when you can’t afford an abortion? Your best bet is the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF.) The network operates 70 funds in 30 states, with 1,840 staffers and volunteers, working mostly with independent clinics. Though they raised $1.7 million last year, NNAF is only able to provided funds to less than half of the up to 100,000 calls they get each year. Their help is desperately needed—the anti-choice crowd is working constantly to make abortion unaffordable. On the federal level, the Hyde Amendment bans Medicaid funding for abortion. And only 15 states allow state Medicaid dollars to pay for abortion care. 58 percent of women of child-bearing age live in the other states. And 75 percent of abortion patients are low income. Studies show that those who are denied an abortion are more likely to end up unemployed and under the poverty line. Check out this great Marie Claire piece about the people who make up the NNAF—and put the “affordable” in safe and affordable abortion care. And how can you help your LOCAL ABORTION FUND?

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Reproductive Restriction Tourism, or, When a Man Sticks His Anti-choice Nose in Another Town’s Business

Mr. Palmer Goes to Washington—and totally fucks with the residents of D.C.! Congressman Gary Palmer is supposed to represent the people of Alabama’s 6th District, but he seems to spend most of his time screwing with the people of the District of Columbia. Palmer has repeatedly tried various ways to defeat or defund D.C.’s Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act (RHNDA), which makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against workers for things like being on birth control or getting an abortion. Rep. Palmer calls that kind of discrimination “religious freedom.” Congress has a lot of control over the people of the District—meaning that puritan yahoos like Palmer get to mess with a cosmopolitan and progressive city. And that’s more fun than a good cockfight! So far, D.C. has beaten back all attempts to stymie the RHNDA, but out-of-town yokels will keep gunning for it. 


Everything’s Bigger In Texas – Including Their Excuses For F*cking Over Women

Actually seems like bad weather and bad abortion legislation are the 2 things TEXANs are always fighting. Texas hasn’t had a lot of success defending its indefensible abortion restrictions in court—including the Supreme Court. But bless their souls, they keep trying. One of these days something might eventually stick, probably thanks to a Trump-appointed judge. Their latest trip to court is to put lipstick on the pig of a bill that bans the safest and most common method of second-trimester abortion. A U.S. district judge in Austin will decide if the ban can take effect. It was part of a flurry of restrictive and no doubt unconstitutional anti-abortion laws that the Texas legislature vomited up in a special session. If nothing else, they’ll keep Texas lawyers busy. 


Even in the Best State for Abortion Rights, Protesters STILL Come Out of the Woodwork

There are a few rotten apples even in the best bunch. And even OREGON, the best state there is for repro rights, gets its share of noisy loons. A couple of dozen of anti-choice protesters confronted Oregon Governor Kate Brown over the passage of the FUCKIN AWESOME Reproductive Health Equity Act. It requires that insurance cover abortion and birth control with no co-pay, and even provides for reproductive healthcare for those excluded from Medicaid due to citizenship status. If a few protesters want to sound a sour note, fine—all of the rest of the shouting over Oregon’s pro-woman law has been shouts of joy!


Antis Admit to Opening Their CPCs Next to Abortion Clinics – FINALLY

There goes the neighborhood—anti-choice pricks are finally admitting that they routinely open their fraudulent “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” next to real clinics in order to confuse, harass, and intimidate women seeking abortion care… what they call “saving babies.” The latest bad neighbor incursion is in Raleigh, North Carolina, but it’s a common tactic and a necessary one. There’s not much of a market for selling lies, so they have to do what they can to confuse their deceptions with the truth. We at LPJL will continue to unmask these phonies with our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign. See you around the neighborhood, FAKES! 



OHIO is one of the several states that dole out TANF money to CPCs. Why does the Ohio Government care more about Fake Clinics than Welfare recipients? And why does A Caring Place Pregnancy Help Center Inc care more about people who choose to carry their pregnancies to term than those who choose to have an abortion? Help #ExposeFakeClincis by calling and reviewing a CPC or by simply upvoting this accurate review! Visit exposefakeclinics.com for guidelines.