TWM Laws to Protect Women Don’t Actually Protect Women and We All Have to Pretend to be Shocked

IT’S THE SCIENCE, STUPID! Want to know another reason why we must never compromise on supporting abortion rights?  Science! A new study shows that states that restrict abortion have fewer policies that actually protect women’s health. The Center for Reproductive Rights report shows that nuthouse states like Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, with the most laws restricting abortion—often in the name of women’s health and safety—have fewer policies to truly promote women’s health and safety. AND they have higher maternal and infant mortality rates, teen pregnancy rates—and even higher teen abortion rates. Repression doesn’t work! Politicians have to keep their priorities straight and invest in real healthcare, not repressive and counterproductive measures!


If At First You Don’t Succeed At Ruining People’s Lives, Try, Try Again 

JUGGER-NUTS: Here’s another reason to stay energized—anti-abortion wackadoodles are optimistic. They think they have momentum, and they’re probably right. This sobering overview by the LA Times lists the ways in which they’re burrowing in right now: Trump White House executive orders like the one banning foreign aid for organizations that even mention abortion, the appointment of truly twisted abortion foes HHS Secretary Tom Price and Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, GOP control of both houses of Congress, and the slew of anti-abortion laws passed recently in states all over the country. But the article also points out the efforts being made to fight back—efforts that ultimately depend on people like us!


Give The People What They Want! (And What They Want is Abortion Access)

CRITICAL MASS: They are everywhere—even MASSACHUSETTS. When federal attempts to stop abortion rights fail, like the Planned Parenthood defunding measures in the Obamacare repeal, you can be sure that state lawmakers will push extra hard to pass even more extreme anti-abortion measures—even in blue state bastions like Massachusetts. And even over the overwhelming wishes of the people. Conservatives are trying to pass a constitutional amendment to quash a court ruling that Massachusetts must fund abortions for women on Medicaid. But polls show that 73 percent of voters support government funding for Planned Parenthood, and 67 percent support government funding so that low-income people can access abortion services. The rep who is pushing the amendment just says “I would reject those numbers.” If you believe in abortion rights, nobody is going to listen to your wishes—only to your demands. 



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