The Beaver State Protects It’s Greatest Natural Resource: The Beaver

Beaver State: As we said above and in prior posts, the poster state for abortion rights excellence is beautiful OREGON! And that means that all the uterus—occupying lunatics out there want to jump all over the Beaver State for its awesome pro-woman stand. Breitbart said “Oregon Governor Signs Bill Requiring Free Abortions for All.” There’s a difference between accessible and mandatory. Oregon’s Reproductive Health Equity Act actually says insurers must cover a variety of things, including screenings for sexually-transmitted infections, breast and cervical cancers, genetic cancer risk factors, counseling for tobacco use, STIs, breast cancer treatment and domestic violence, contraceptive care, and yes, abortion. These are things insurers are glad to include because they are mostly preventative and cost-cutting measures. In terms of sane healthcare policy, Beavers lead the way!


The Only Time Trump STFU Is When Removing Sexual Assault Report from Website

If Donald Trump boasts about what he’s up to, it’s bad. If he does it on the sly, it’s FUCKIN’ AWFUL. The Trump administration has suddenly and secretly removed a 2014 report on sexual violence from the White House website. WTF! and WhyTF? Alexandra Brodsky, the civil rights lawyer and researcher who first noticed the deletion said the “Rape And Sexual Assault: Renewed Call To Action” came down Wednesday. It’s a non-political survey about sexual violence and how to combat it through the criminal justice system and on college campuses. WHY would the Trump people choose to hide that research from public view? As Brodsky noted, “The report is titled ‘A Renewed Call To Action’ and taking it down is really a discouragement from action.” Sexual violence is appalling. This kind of 1984 shit is appalling AND creepy. 


People of Color Caught in the District 12 of the Hunger Games of Repro Rights: Texas  

In a bad state: these days, how much reproductive freedom you have solely depends on where you live. With the federal government gridlocked, abortion policy is being made in the states. Congress couldn’t repeal Obamacare (THANKFULLY!), but 11 states, Texas being the latest, have passed laws that prohibit private insurers from covering abortion (The notorious “Rape Insurance” laws). That tends to hurt people of color because there are larger minority populations in the southern states with harsh abortion restrictions. But after years of mostly restrictive state laws being passed, 2017 saw an almost equal number of laws expanding access to reproductive health care… even if that is partly a function of the fact that the federal government is now in the hands of anti-choice dickwads. At LPJL we keep an eye on abortion legislation in every state!


Fighting For a Buffer Zone: “Wax On, F*ck Off” Anti-Abortion Extremists 

Blocking the Anti-Choice Goon Squad: We told you yesterday about the proposed law in Toledo, OHIO, to stop anti-choice agitators from physically harassing patients and providers at Toledo’s only clinic. Last night, abortion rights defenders showed up at a Toledo City Council meeting to support the law protecting the clinic. It sets up a 20-foot buffer zone where anti-abortion thugs can’t obstruct access to a healthcare facility by “physically striking, shoving, restraining, grabbing, or otherwise subjecting the person to unwanted physical contact,” which is a tactic the goon squad evidently wants to keep in their toolkit. The Supreme Court has already ruled that buffer zones don’t violate free speech rights. If protesters at a political convention can be kept in a pen miles from a convention, then shrieking lunatics can give a 20-foot safety zone to clinic patients. 



Planned Parenthood Closes, Leaving a city in Pennsylvania with  ONLY a Fake Clinic 

FAKED OUT! Even journalists are fooled by fake clinics! (Or ARE they?) Check this shit out—emphasis on the “shit.” Here’s a straightforward story in, a mainstream media outlet, about the ONLY Planned Parenthood clinic in Stroudsburg, PENNSYLVANIA closing. (And one that didn’t even offer abortion care.) That’s bad enough—patients will have to drive up to 90 minutes for contraceptive services now. But lower in the article, they causally say “A few blocks away, Pregnancy Resource Center of the Poconos offers some services similar to Planned Parenthood, including free pregnancy tests and educations [sic] information.” Then they quote someone from that “clinic” saying “They can point you in the right direction for some of the services Planned Parenthood offers.” IT’S A FAKE CLINIC!!! Are these phony Crisis Pregnancy Centers so devious that they fooled the reporters? Or is someone in on the deception?! Either way, it’s WRONG! The folks at Eyewitness News WBREW/WYOU need to brush up on either their journalistic skills or their journalistic ethics. Don’t YOU be fooled—check out our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign.