Anti-Choice Democrats Are Going Extinct

DINO-SORE LOSERS: They say that anti-choice Democrats are going extinct—victims of political environment change. The environment is healthier without them. Today there are only two Dems in the Congressional “Pro-Life” Caucus. In the 90’s there were over 100 anti-abortion Democrats. Is that a problem? In the 90’s there were Southern Blue Dog Democrats hostile to civil rights, and Dems from around the country with conservative social agendas. What good is having Democratic members of Congress if they’re not going to fight for core Democratic principles? Some Dem party leaders say Democrats shouldn’t have a litmus test on abortion. But Dems shouldn’t support candidates who don’t support what the Party stands for. The Democratic Party should operate a big tent. But there’s still no reason to let these clowns in. 


Mad. As. Hell.

FEMALE ANGER MANAGEMENT: Are you angry? GREAT! Author and activist Laurie Penny tells you how to make it work for you in this great Teen Vogue article. We live in a world where female anger is taboo—and women are constantly worried about “coming across as too angry.” There is no such thing as “too angry”—BITCHES GET SHIT DONE, to paraphrase Tina Fey. If being told that expressing anger is “unladylike,” or having men imply that your feelings are the result of hormones and blood coming from your “whatever,” makes you livid, then get your livid ON! As Penny says “It’s all right to feel angry. It’s all right to feel anything, in fact.” Using your anger to motivate yourself and others and to focus and reinforce your energies is productive and healthy. “Anger can be a tool as well as a weapon,” Penny says. Check it out. Life can be a bitch—if you’re doing it right. 


Slidin' Into the Weekend With Some Good News

NORTHERN HIGHLIGHTS: There’s been an outbreak of common sense in ALASKA. The state’s medical board has agreed to drop restrictive regulations on abortions after the first trimester. No longer will doctors be required to call in another doctor before performing an abortion after the first 13 weeks. And they’ll no longer need to have blood and an operating room “appropriately staffed and equipped for major surgery” be “immediately available.” Those kinds of regulations are favorite ways for states to make access more difficult. And when a woman from Alaska has to travel out of state for abortion services, it’s an even worse burden because of the distances. Now an Alaskan can almost see reproductive rights from their house!   


Go Home Texas Politicians, You’re The Worst.

MORE RATTLESNAKE STEW IN TEXAS: The Fuck-With-Abortion-Rights special session of the TEXAS legislature keeps happening in all the worst ways. Now the House has passed a bill that adds mountains of red tape for a minor seeking an abortion. The doctor has to document how the minor received permission—if a judicial bypass was used, who helped her in the process, and how. If parental consent was obtained, the doctor has to report where! Doctors have to report if there was time to get parental consent in the case of an emergency abortion on a minor. And doctors performing a 3rd trimester abortion due to fetal abnormalities have to identify the abnormalities to the state of Texas! These requirements put patients at risk, not to mention the risk to the doctor/patient relationship and to reproductive rights. Anyone hoping that Texas lawmakers would run out of bad ideas will be sorely disappointed. 




ALL FAKED UP: YES, BITCHES! Our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign is getting results. The haters we targeted are feeling the heat—and the EXPOSURE. And of course, their reaction is MORE HATE! Republican National Committee “Rising Star” and anti-choice spider Alison Howard Cetofante, writing in The Federalist, has responded to our takedown of the fake “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that deceive women and girls seeking information about their options. CPC’s pose as real clinics to pressure women into not looking at all their choices. Alison calls us “the rather crudely named Lady Parts Justice League,” which makes us regret not using the name Fuck Shit Cunt Squad. And she doesn’t like the fact that we call ourselves a “coven.” That could result in some very nasty spells! The rest of what she says is the usual toxic brew of misinformation and outright lies that are the stock-in-trade of the evil illusionists behind CPC’s. But thanks for the ink, Alison. And the rest of you, check out to see how you can annoy Alison and her ilk. #TeamFuckShitCuntSquad