Did a Double Take So Hard My Neck Snapped, Plz Send Help

A JUDGE TO DREAD: How many rocks does he turn over to find these people? A Trump nominee to be a judge on the Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals has compared abortion to slavery. Judge John K. Bush has written that “the two greatest tragedies in our country—slavery and abortion—relied on similar reasoning and activist justices at the U.S. Supreme Court, first in the Dred Scott decision, and later in Roe.” Well, at least he left the Holocaust out of it… Of course, slavery comparisons are right there on the list of “Shit You Just Don’t Say,” along with Holocaust references. But as we’ve seen, that doesn’t stop the politically potty-mouthed. Appeals Court Judge John K. Bush would be one the greatest tragedies in our country!


Maybe No One Has Told Politicians Where Babies Come From?

LACK OF ($ FOR) PLANNING: The House Appropriations Committee just approved a budget that totally guts funding for family planning for low income people. The Department of Health and Human Services loses $542 million, and the budget eliminates Title X, which 4 million women rely on each year. And SURPRISE, most of those are women of color. Not satisfied with that, the budget ax-men specifically targeted women and minorities by hacking away $6.4 million in funding for the Office of Women’s Health and $11.4 million for the Office of Minority Health. And once again FUCKING WRONG and FUCKING STUPID go hand-in-hand as the proposed cuts will end up costing much more down the line.


#ExposeFakeClinics Update

You’re Not The Doctor.

Thank you, Seattle for making it a little easier to expose fake clinics today!  CPC’s will now be required to post signage indicating they are in fact NOT healthcare facilities.

“I believe women who are pregnant deserve complete, accurate and timely information about their health care and options,” said board Chairman Rod Dembowski, a King County Council member. “These centers are unregulated and are often staffed by volunteers and employees who lack medical training or licensure.”

Well said, ROD!

This will effect the 8 CPCs in the Seattle area- but there are THOUSANDS to go..so join us and let’s expose the rest!


Batsh*t A*sholes Are Heading to KY

BEEFING UP FOR THE MEATHEADS: Kentucky’s last standing abortion clinic is beefing up security for the onslaught of shrieking protesters expected during this week’s Holy-Roller Derby convention of anti-abortion looneys. At the clinic itself, the goon squad will have to keep a decent distance. A judge has ruled they have to stay away from a “buffer zone” that at least prevents them from blockading the clinic. As this is the last clinic in the state, patients in Kentucky face enough obstacles just getting there!  But wait, there’s more…


The Batsh*t A*shole are Bringing a F*cking JumbTron and Holysh*t They Are Such A*sholes

MUST NOT SEE TV: WOW just WOW…They’re bringing a JumboTron to Louisville to show big-screen videos of abortions. Really. As we’ve said before, images of any surgical procedure, from heart surgery to colectomy, would be gruesome to watch. To force it onto passersby in public is truly sick. But these ghouls are happy to do it as part of their attack on reproductive rights. Their news release said “Nothing is as effective as the JumboTron video of an actual abortion shown in the public square.” O.M.G. Forgive us for not giving you specific showtimes—if you’re interested, please check local listings. If we want to see gratuitous blood and gore on a TV screen, we’ll watch Game of Thrones.


Wait, Why Do We Have to Sue TX Lawmakers To Get Basic Healthcare That Doesn't Harm People??

MEANWHILE OVER IN TEXAS: The Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood are going to court to try and protect the constantly-assaulted reproductive rights of Texans! Texas Senate Bill 8 would ban the safest and most common method of providing abortion care after the first trimester. And the lead plaintiff is our friends at Whole Woman’s Health, whose sheroic pursuit of justice resulted in abortion rights being reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt The bitter irony is that the roadblocks to access that Texas is constantly putting up actually make 2nd trimester abortions MORE common. Bill just like SB 8 have been put on hold in Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alabama as well. Let’s hear it for the legal angels who are constantly at the barricades protecting your rights everywhere in America!


Vagical Update

It’s been an amazing 8 weeks on the road visiting 15 cities, hundreds of supporters, and so many repro badasses ! Now we’re in Louisville for our last show because hundreds of anti choice crusaders are flocking to here terrorize the last clinic in Kentucky.

Our show at Headliners will be stellar as The Daily Show’s Gina Yashere is back with us and we are so excited to have musicians Holly Miranda, Ambrosia Parsley, and Jill Sobule rounding out the night!

We’re all excited to have a talk back with Dr. Willie Parker and some badass reproductive rights and justice activists to talk about the state of abortion access in Kentucky, and how you can join to fight back.

It’s what we do. Have fun, learn what’s at stake, find out what you can do, SIGN UP TO DO IT!