Delaware House Votes on Bill Protecting Abortion Rights

Washington Post

GOOD NEWS FROM SMALL PLACES—Little DELAWARE has taken a HUGE step forward with a bill that will keep abortion legal in Delaware if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned. The bill removes any restrictions on abortion before a fetus reaches viability. Finally, a little sanity from the states! Delaware was the first state to ratify the US Constitution—and it looks like they’re still pretty fucking into it!


Texas Bans the Safest, Most Common Abortion Procedure After 13 Weeks

San Antonio Current

TEXAS ABORTION RIGHTS GET THROWN UNDER THE OMNIBUS! Texas’s hateful SB8 bill is a veritable fountain of FUCK YOU for abortion rights, starting with the fact that it bans the safest, most common abortion procedure after 13 weeks. And Texas keeps throwing up roadblocks to make sure nobody could possibly get an abortion BEFORE 13 weeks. SB8 is like Texas’s unconstitutional HB2—times four!


Anti-Abortion Democrats Put Women at Risk


IT’S ABORTION RIGHTS, STUPID! Louisiana is becoming a sad example of what happens when Democratic politicians abandon abortion rights. Dem Governor John Bel Edwards has signed at least seven bills severely restricting abortion access as the number of clinics in Louisiana has gone from seven to only three. And it’s sapping the soul out of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

Democrats who want to ignore or even oppose abortion rights to govern on economic issues don’t get it—ABORTION IS AN ECONOMIC ISSUE! Women who can’t access abortion are three times as likely to end up in poverty. DEMS! YOU CAN’T SUPPORT EQUALITY WITHOUT SUPPORTING ABORTION RIGHTS!


“This is a war”: Inside the global “pro-family” movement against abortion and LGBT rights

Open Democracy

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! While Democrats get wishy-washy about supporting abortion (see above)—CONSERVATIVES ARE GOING TO WAR. Speakers at the World Congress of Families summit/hate orgy declared “THIS IS A WAR!” as they vowed to battle abortion, rights for women and LGBT people, and the BRADY BUNCH (really!) We can’t ignore people who say they’re going to war with us, or we’ll lose our rights, our freedoms, AND the Brady Bunch.


Colorado governor signs bill allowing women to get 12-month birth control prescriptions

The Denver Channel

We’re ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH over Colorado’s decision to allow women to get 12-month birth control prescriptions! Before this, you could only get one or three month prescriptions. HELLO? You can’t practice birth control “most of the time” any more than you can be a little bit pregnant. In a world where the anti’s are attacking even birth control, we just wanna say THANKS, COLORADO! And now, here's Eunice's take on it:


Vagical Mystery Tour Update!

Today on the Tour LPJL and friends are lending helping hands to the Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Jackson, Mississippi – and let's just say, Comedian Ian Harvie has QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERS.

ALSO! More exclusive video coverage during clinic escorting in Birmingham! No sleep till equality!