If we had a dollar for every terrible thing some dumbass anti-choice pro-gun hypocrites have said over the last couple of week about gun control, we wouldn’t have to fundraise anymore (just gonna leave this link here). But while those fill us with unending rage, let’s also take a moment for the truly nonsensical shit that people have said in the name of “trying to fix the problem.” Cue Rick Santorum who argued students should be taught CPR instead of pushing for gun control. Sure Rick, cuz when you’re bleeding out from a bullet wound what you really need is mouth to mouth resuscitation you effing idiot. But this continues a long string of dumbass things this nobody has said. He once proclaimed that prenatal care… causes more abortions. He argued that victims of rape should  “make the best out of a bad situation” and still not be allowed to have an abortion. And he said that contraception was a “moral grievous wrong.” In short, why the fuck is this guy still given a platform to spew his limited IQ bullshit? Someone get this guy to shut the fuck up!

And here’s some more shitty things you need to know: Ohio’s trying to ban ALL abortion, Idaho doesn’t believe in science anymore, closing Planned Parenthood is bad for… family planning (who’d of thunk?), and Mississippi continues to be the worst.