Usually when you’re a twirly mustache villain, you try to be a little more discreet, but nope this administration is going ALL IN on showing their sinister plans. We’re still devastated about the transgender military ban, a completely cruel, horrible order that hurts PEOPLE HOW HAVE VOWED TO PROTECT THE UNITED STATES. Where’s your country song about this travesty, Toby Keith? And just yesterday it was announced that in the 2020 census, there will be a question about citizenship. It’s an obviously vicious tactic that will prevent people from filling out the forms, skew data, and could cause states to lose legislative seats. They’re so blatant about everything we assume frickin’ ICE agents will collect the forms.

So let’s be very clear: this kind of action proves that they don’t see undocumented people as citizens. Sorry, Statue of Liberty! Sorry, American DREAM! But you know who they DO see as citizens: fucking zygotes. Every week we see a state try to pass some kind of bullshit personhood bill. Remember last year when fetuses could start saving money for college? If your fetus is 20-weeks along, well it has more rights than a veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan! When sperms are more protected than actual people, we all lose.