Because we live in a mad, mad world the news that Trump’s lawyers floated the idea of pardoning Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort literally came as no surprise for us. Never has it more felt like someone has their thumb on the scales of justice, giving an edge to the bad guys, the cheaters, the rich, the people who wouldn’t know how to find the word “empathy” in a dictionary. So yep, it came as no shock to us that Flynn and Manafort might get to sip mai tais on some island somewhere, while women in most states have to drive over an hour for an abortion, or report everything about themselves and their lives to get an abortion, or find out their pregnant, get the money for an abortion, and make their decision  by 11 weeks if they even want to THINK about having a legal abortion. Yep, it surely feels like the scales are tipped: millions of people can show up for a march to end gun violence, but somehow the NRA $$$ tips the scales and no gun legislature has been passed. #BegYourPardon You can serve TWO tours in Afghanistan, but oh boy, don’t think that makes you an American in their book, you can still get deported. #BegYourPardon And on the flip side you can yell and shame and berate women and pregnant people every day outside of a clinic and then SOMEHOW twist the argument and say you’re exercising your First Amendment right, AND COURTS WILL LISTEN. #BegYourPardon You can shoot a black man on video and still not be tried if you’re a police officer! #BegYourPardon Yep, some days it feels like being on the side of justice and what’s right means you have to work ten times as hard to balance the scales. But that’s why you gotta keep calling out the bullshit and the hypocrisy. So today, use the hashtag #BegYourPardon to call out all the big injustices out there and make your voice heard!


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