OK, we get it! The Vag Badgers who work so hard to eliminate reproductive rights either don’t care if they’re hurting people … or else they take a sadistic glee in hurting people. But with their latest attempt to gut reproductive rights by weaponizing Title X, they’ll also be hurting their own agenda—by radically increasing the number of abortions!

That’s what will happen if the Uterus Police succeed in banning all Title X family planning money from any clinic that performs abortions. Or any clinic that refers patients to somewhere they CAN get an abortion. Or any clinic that so much as mentions abortion. And yes, that’s the plan.  

Here’s how it went down: so last week Mike Pence of the Perpetually Furrowed Brow held a dinner at his home for the Puritaint anti-choice conservatives, where he served up your uterus on a platter.

Anti-choice leaders got further briefed on the proposed changes to Title X in a conference call with the prez. If you weren’t in on that call, here are a few facts about those changes… not that facts were a big part of their presentation.

The changes would deny some $60 million in Title X funding to Planned Parenthood and ANY clinic that provides abortion services, referrals, or even mentions abortion. And that’s a LOT of people. Planned Parenthood alone serves 41 percent of the 4 million people who depend on Title X-funded care every year. And—Duh!—that includes providing birth control for millions of people.

So those people get screwed, get pregnant, and significant number of them have abortions. Voila! The Fetal Obsessives’ scheme to reduce abortion access causes a massive INCREASE in the number of abortions AND the number of unwanted pregnancies. And that doesn’t even count all the suffering of the people who are denied access to STD and cancer screenings after the collapse of clinics all over the country.

And we ALL pay an additional price—Medicaid saves five dollars in pregnancy-related services for every dollar it spends on contraceptive services. Now all of those dollars are getting flushed in the mad rush to end abortion… by causing more abortions.

Brilliant, right? And all in the name of fucking people over. Mean and stupid is a dangerous combination. And when these guys are working with the Puritaints, that combination is doubled.