This National Nurses Week we’d like to send a shoutout to all the nurses at abortion clinics. The National Abortion Federation just released a new report that reveals what we’ve always known… these people really have to go through some shit, day in and day out, to do their job. Imagine going to your job every day with people yelling at you that what you do is murder. Like, imagine going to your data entry job and before you can even open your excel spreadsheet (we don’t really understand other non-creative jobs) four people have yelled at you that spreadsheets are murder.

A good way to show appreciation for your local providers and nurses is to fill out a thank bank postcard to send to them (oh yeah and again, just a reminder, it has to be a postcard because THEY GET A LOT OF THREATS AND CAN’T BE OPENING LETTERS FROM STRANGERS).

In other news: the Iowa heartbeat bill HAPPENED, much as we thought there would maybe be some 11th hour switch up (like the ballers in South Carolina pulled off), but  nope, the governor signed it. Waiting on the ACLU (or someone) to sue in 3…2… Oh god and now we might get MORE bills like this (FLORIDAAAA!)

Let’s end on a good note: the great Danielle Campoamor who writes Bustle’s “Abortion AMA” series also wrote this new op-ed for CNN about the importance of abortion in saving people’s lives.