House 6-Week Abortion Ban Is Nothing More Than Some Precious Moments Figurine Propaganda Disguised as Legislation 

Oh look at this wee little babe, Steve King coos menacingly, pweese protect his/her beating heart. But the thing is, Steve dear, it’s not a baby at 6-weeks and it certainly doesn’t have a full-grown heart. The 6-week ban is all sentimentality, no substance. We can make human hearts pump through technology alone and we don’t call those fucking pumps “people.”


Live! Rude! Guys! Steve King’s Sonogram Peep Show Has to Be Seen to Be Believed 

Oh speaking of our best enemy Steve King, you should see the nonsense he put on full display yesterday in his lil’ 6-week abortion ban hearing. You might ask, hey did he, I don’t know, do something completely nonsensical like … have someone compare abortion to slavery? Well, he certainly did! And did he spend like 6 minutes vamping while showing us all how a sonogram works on a fetus much much older than this bill even covers (because he prob couldn’t get a 6-week old fetus… none of those pregnant people even know they’re pregnant then)? He sure did. Read the article or… if you can stomach it, watch the video here.


Definition of Insanity: Turn Over the “Sane” Rock for Any Anti-Choice Politician Expecting Anything but Maggots 

Kasich in point—OHIO Gov John Kasich tells folks who want abortion rights to take a “chill pill.” That’s why he’s considered one of the “sane” ones—he tells you to fuck yourself in a cutesy way. See his fatherly advice here.


Kill an Abortion Doctor, Go to Jail—and Stay There, At Least for Now

Florida parole board denies release to the man who murdered an abortion provider in 1993. Just hope Trump doesn’t want to practice his pardoning skills. Details here.


Some Faked-Up Shit—CPC’s Now Free to Lie in California 

It’s only common sense—so let’s toss it. A court just blocked a California law that required CPC’s to tell their victims, I mean patients, that they were full of shit. And not even in those words! Read about it now!