Trump’s Bullshit Science Behind Taking Your Birth Control Away is Right on Par With Everything About His Presidency 

Phony science gets scientifically dismantled! You MUST check out this total SMACKDOWN of the cherry-picking, dirty-tricking, ass-licking LIES used by Donald Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services about birth control! It shows what happens when you pack an agency with theocratic zealots instead of, oh healthcare professionals. 


Anti-Choicers Cry “Censorship” When Twitter Blocks Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s Shitty and Factually Inaccurate Campaign Ad

Could it be that Twitter stepped up to fake news? Well stop the presses. Literally. Seems Twitter has banned an ad from abominatrix Rep. Marsha Blackburn because she claimed she stopped Planned Parenthood from the sale of baby body parts. Sorry Marsha, can’t stop what didn’t happen/ Planned Parenthood was never selling “baby parts.” #FakeNews Get the real story in this great New Yorker piece.  


Marsha Blackburn -Breitbart: Twitter Allows Abortion Ads, Blocks Pro-Life

Of course, the rightwing noise machine is responding to the Twitter ban with MORE LIES about Marsha Blackburn being “censored,” conveniently forgetting that the “selling baby parts” crap is a myth they helped perpetuate! Twitter simply said her claims were “an inflammatory statement,” when they should have said they were TOTALLY MADE-UP BULLSHIT. 


Freedom from That Old White Guy’s Religion Get a Win in Missouri

Giving the Devil his due! I will give this to the Satanic Temple, they are very crafty! Their lawsuit against Missouri’s hellish 3-day waiting period and mandatory counseling law is going to the Missouri Supreme Court! An appeals panel said it “raises real and substantial constitutional claims.” And rams someone else’s belief system down everyone’s throats! Don’t wait to check out this great story. 


Kentucky Politician Who Literally Calls Himself “Pope” Files Law To Completely Ban Abortion Cuz Yea, That Makes Sense

Ugh! Here’s a good look at the crazy contorted face of anti-abortion extremism. And he’s a Kentucky state legislator, of course! Not only that, Rep. Dan Johnson calls himself a “pope” and in his unofficial “Pope” capacity, brings his preachin’ to taverns in the Bluegrass state, peddling his plan to completely ban abortion in Kentucky. This valuable piece from Shareblue Media shines a light on similar nutjobs attacking repro rights at the state level—where it hits hardest. 


This Q&A Reveals What’s Inside The Delusional Red Rose Rescuers Brains 

What goes on in the heads of anti-choice extremists? Lies masquerading as truth, hate disguised as concern, and an obsession with forcing the rest of the world to think and behave just like them. From the screamers at the clinics to the schemers in the state houses, they’re a twisted bunch!