Holy Shit You Need To Know That Health and Human Services is Coming For Your Rights, RIGHT NOW

Trump’s holy-roller Department of Health and Human Services is redefining away your abortion rights RIGHT NOW! These two articles (1, 2) explain how the HHS ‘s draft of its new strategic plan is peppered with unscientific language about maintaining religious freedoms and dangerous medical quackery like, “life beginning at conception.” It’s all part of a deliberate plan to undermine medical care for anyone who may need an abortion, as well as other disturbing changes that erase the specific medical needs for people of color and of LGBT* folks. It is really vitally important that you READ BOTH—and TAKE ACTION BEFORE OCTOBER 27TH by giving public comment at DHHS RIGHT HERE


She’s Baaaaaaack: All Lies and No Twitter Make Marsha Blackburn a Dull Girl

We just got Blackburned! Twitter has reversed their ban on a political ad from repro rights enemy Rep. Marsha Blackburn where she boasted about stopping the sale of “baby body parts.” Twitter had said the claim was “inflammatory.” So now it’s not? No matter—it still NEVER HAPPENED! You need to check the facts in these articles. Sorry Twitter, but LIES are always inflammatory.


We’re Past Coercion, US Gov’t Straight Up Forcing 17 Year Old Girl to Take Pregnancy To Term

Bordering on insanity! Texas and U.S. officials are denying a 17-year-old girl from Central America who has been detained at the border access to abortion care. She’s currently 14 weeks pregnant, and payment for the procedure has been arranged by donors. But instead of the care she needs and wants, officials took her to a Crisis Pregnancy Center run by anti abortion zealots!!! Read about the here! 


TX Attorney General Upfront That He Doesn’t Want TX To Be A Place That Helps Women 

Incidentally, when women like the pregnant immigrant in one of the pieces above request necessary abortion care, the response from officials is that they don’t want to be a “sanctuary state,” as they’ve said in court cases involving this. I guess being known as a place that’s hostile to women is just another way of discouraging immigration.