Suit Up! Pennsylvania Joins a Growing List of States Suing Over Trump’s Contraceptive Craziness

We’ve been keeping you up to date on the Trump move to allow your boss to deny you contraception coverage if it offends their delicate sensibilities. Now the PENNSYLVANIA Attorney General is joining a growing list of officials and organizations who are suing over that nutty policy. At least three other states are also suing already. We need MORE! Read about it here and tell your state AG to fight this assault on autonomy!!  


Meat the Latest Twist in Attacking Repro Rights—Anti-Choice Vegans!

Here’s a thick meaty slice of Hell—a 75% male panel discussing why pregnant people are like breeding animals and vegans should be anti-choice. This Rewire piece is hilarious and frightening at the same time—just like so much of the anti-choice agenda. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. If you don’t want a cheeseburger, order the salad. 


Twitter and Facebook Say that Blatant Lies in Political Ads Are Just Fine With Them!

Marsha Blackburn is cackling that Twitter’s caving in on allowing her LYING political ad to run is her “first Senate conservative victory.” The ad shows her crowing about stopping the sale of “baby body parts,” something that NEVER HAPPENED! And now, BTW, Facebook says, they’re just peachy with printing the same lie! You have to read this crap to believe it. 


Court to Pregnant Immigrant Teen: We’ve Decided You’re Having the Baby

Yesterday we told you the heartbreaking tale of the pregnant Guatemalan teen who is being held virtual HOSTAGE as she seeks an abortion while in a detention facility. Now a federal judge has thrown out her lawsuit seeking access to abortion care, forcing her to remain pregnant. This Vice article explains how this ties directly to Trump policies on immigration and sucking up to evangelicals. 


Trans Patients in Small Towns: No Longer Alone in the Middle of Nowhere!

This excellent piece from Public Radio in Peoria, ILLINOIS shows how Planned Parenthood is often the ONLY place that transgender people in small towns and rural areas can find health care for their needs. We want to also remind folks about the many indy abortion providers in rural areas have also expanded their services to provide amazing trans care such as Allentown (PA) Women’s Center, the Southwind clinics in OKC and Wichita, Choices in Memphis, or Emma Goldman Clinic in Iowa City—just to name a few! So support your local PP and your local Independent providers because they are giving the full range of reproductive care in many areas that have no one else! 


Doubling Down on Garbageness! Harvey Weinstein is Super-scum!

Scumbag Update! Harvey Weinstein is even worse than you already knew! Rightwing media was trying to tar Planned Parenthood by reporting that his Sleazehood gave them $100,000. We know they would give it back if he had—BUT it turns out he never coughed up the money after pledging it in the first place! In one sense, it’s nice to know that his sliminess is completely undiluted.