NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED! An Update on the Brave Girl Being Held Hostage to Hatred of Women and Immigrants

MUCH love and respect to the teenage immigrant girl who has been denied abortion care after being detained at the border. We’ve been following her story. She met the requirements for an abortion in Texas (and that is HARD TO DO!) but Trump immigration goons are blocking her access. Here’s an update on her fight.


Must Read for anyone who needs reproductive care: How Trump’s Healthcare Shit Will Hit Your Fan 

If you’re wondering how Donald Trump’s troll-nasty fuckery with Obamacare is going to impact reproductive healthcare, the quick answer is “no way that’s good.” The more detailed answers are explored in this highly useful article from Bustle. And this, too, can be resisted!


Why Trump’s Attacks on Contraception Are Just as Stupid as They Are Mean

Of course the Destroyer-in-Chief has already rolled back the Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate—that is, allowed your employer to deny you coverage for birth control. The impact of THAT gut punch is laid out in this article from Slate. Hint: It will cost you a LOT more than just your rights. 


Contraception Haters Call the Facts “Scare Tactics,” Because They’re Afraid of Them!

Leave it to the National Review to add outright lies into the toxic mix of stupidity and hate that people who object to birth control brew up.  And they’re trying to poison the ACA and all of the progress it made in your reproductive health care. Help LPJL fight to make sure EVERYONE gets the healthcare they need!


Holy Rollers Say That Controlling YOUR Access to Contraception is Part of THEIR “Basic Conscience Rights” 

Here is a sickening look into the twisted mind set of those self-righteous fucks who find your desire to control your own uterus “morally objectionable.” And who argues that reducing access to contraception reduces the number of abortion?! Once again—Stupid + Mean.