SOOOO- The Anti-Choice Propaganda Machine Is Using Its Media Mega-Power To Complain That It’s Voice Is Being Silenced. Got it.

If freedom of speech means freedom even for the speech we hate, there’s plenty to hate as this Fox News vomit projects out of both sides of it proverbial mouth, defining the anti-choice screamers as both the overwhelming choice of a new generation AND an oppressed minority. These losers can’t even lie convincingly. 


“Spread Lies to Brand Women as Liars” is the Trump Golden Rule

While the Trump administration has been going after your rights, they’ve also been busy attacking your credibility. This great piece from Quartz explains how the Misogynist-in-Chief tries to portray women as liars on everything from being paid less to sexual assault. Seeing as how Trump is guilty of both, it’s not hard to see why.


One Female Senator May Be All that Stands Between Us and a Disastrous Healthcare Fiasco

Senator Susan Collins of Maine is one of only two female GOP senators—and she has been the firewall against the insanely anti-woman “healthcare” proposals to destroy Obamacare. Here’s a great Bustle piece about her fight against the 13 male (of course!) Senators who designed the Trumpcare monstrosity and who are still pushing to undermine healthcare. 


Racist Circus Seals Just Spent The Weekend In Steve Bannon’s colon, er, At the Values Voters Summit.

Ugh! Rewire does an amazing job of describing the nauseating circle-jerk of Trump and the Family Research Council, which has been designated a hate group. Check out how Trump stopped grabbing pussies long enough to lend a hand at their “Values Voter Summit.” 


Calling Bullshit on the Lying Words Used By Anti-Choice Pricks

A reader at the LA Times does a nice job of pointing out the “intellectually dishonest” (you may substitute “fucking bullshit”) terms used by anti-choice propagandists—specifically, the term “prenatal children.” There’s a reason that Target doesn’t have onesies for zygotes in their children’s department—they’re not children! 


The Real-Life Hell on Earth for Reproductive Access 

While we fight to protect our reproductive rights here in the states, we need to remember the women around the world who are fighting just to gain their rights. Check out this Reuters article about Lima, Peru—where sky-high teen pregnancy rates and zero abortion rights create the nightmare world that anti-choice assholes want to plunge America into. 


Inside the Twisted Opposite World of Abortion Rights Opponents

Here’s a glimpse into the bizarro world of the rightwing echo chamber where a story about a court striking down blatantly unconstitutional attempts to deny abortion access somehow becomes a court agreeing to “continue letting Planned Parenthood perform abortions.” You mean like the Supreme Court says the Constitution requires?