Trump Fails to Impose The Handmaid’s Tale Scenario Inside His Gulag of Border Detention Centers… For Now

Good news! A judge said the immigrant girl whose story we’ve been following will FINALLY be allowed to have control over her own pregnancy. The girl wanted an abortion but Trump officials refused and sent her to a fake CPC clinic instead! The problem is that we’ve still got a string of rights-free “detention centers” lining our border. But the fight’s not over! The orange boy’s already fighting the decision with an appeal and y’all know his policy is always “Fail so long I can spin it into a win.”


Trump’s Coming “DUH!” Moment—Less Birth Control = More Abortions

This great piece from US New explains that the shitbirds will be coming home to roost for Trump’s logic-free decision to fukup access to contraceptives for some 60 million women. There IS going to be an abortion surge. And that means God will send even more natural disasters to punish America, right? Thanks, Donald!


Medication Abortion (FINALLY) Comes To Bloomington, Illinois! Meanwhile Indiana Hix in Stix Try To Nix That Fix

Bloomington, ILLINOIS finally has access to medication abortion, thanks to the Planned Parenthood clinic there! Read about it from Peoria Public Radio. No longer do patients have to make long trips to other cities in the state in 2017. Meanwhile, Indiana is stuck in 1917 and keeps trying to close even more clinics, as detailed here. Those Pence-ill-neck geeks think closing clinics is the way to reduce abortion. Indiana may be the epicenter of the Trump/Pence abortion boom!


Slimeball Sequel! The Jagoffs Behind the FAKE Planned Parenthood Videos Are Launching a New Fantasy Thriller!

Get ready for a shit-storm! Anti-planned parenthood video fakers are working on a new release—just in time to feed Marsha Blackburn’s creepy campaign ads. Those media maggots used doctored videos several years ago to smear Planned Parenthood. They fuel lying shitsack politicians like Blackurn and Carly “Dancing Fetus” Fiorina.


No YOU Shut Up! The Loudest Fucking People on Earth Are Screaming About Having Their Lying Voices Suppressed

Those lie-soaked Planned Parenthood videos are still poisoning the media environment! And the same high-decibel red-faced sidewalk screamers and ubiquitous online toad trolls are now whining in an editorial in The Hill that Twitter is “suppressing” their speech. Twitter wouldn’t even stop Marsha Blackburn from repeating the BLATANT LIES from the doctored PP videos!