It’s Our Week of Action: Join Us to #ExposeFakeClinics

Year-round LPJL is committed to exposing fake clinics, often known as crisis pregnancy centers or CPC’s. If you have never heard of them, THIS IS YOUR WEEK!

Anti-abortion zealots fund these CPC’s, that claim to provide free “pre-abortion” services and extra-special ultrasounds — basically they are temples erected to spew dangerous nonsense designed to guilt scared women into not having an abortion.

And what better way to spend pre-Halloween week than to shine an extra light on these manipulative fuckers! To learn more about the initiative go here, to watch our founder Lizz Winstead explain how to spot a fraud clinic click here, and to join the cause click here. Happy reviewing!

LPJL kicked off our expose fake clinics Week of Action with a hands on #ExposeFakeClinic project in Hartford, CT

Just two arms lengths from a legit clinic lurks one of these predatory Crisis Pregnancy Centers that tries to lure women who have appointments at the real clinic into their den of lies. So when the amazing folks at Hartford GYN (an awesome provider of comprehensive healthcare including abortion) reached out to ask if we could help patients differentiate from the fake one, we came, we saw, we painted the path to the real clinic a bright, beautiful yellow. Now clinic escorts and people who answer the phones can tell patients to “follow the yellow brick road” and you won’t have to click your heels three times to find reliable healthcare.

This awareness raising campaign is just one way the fuckery continues!

*** has published this leaked memo showing that our Agro tweeter-In-Chief  is trying to Make America A Dystopian YA Novel (Again). Check out this wish list/shit list of dumb things that Donald Trump wants to force onto women (doesn’t that list include Donald himself?)

**Extremely Daveed Diggs voice*** Highlights

–They want cut funding in half for Title X family planning for low-income families—leading to a million more pregnancies a year! Of course, they only have to give a crap until those million fetuses are actually born. 

–And they want to replace effective family planning with a scheme to get people using the “rhythm method.” If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically birth control that relies on a Ouija board. 

–They plan to completely end the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program which they say “doesn’t work.” Not unless you’re trying to prevent teen pregnancies. And that doesn’t seem to be their focus.

–And then replace the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program with abstinence education—which is essentially the Teen SEX Prevention Program! What could possibly go right? 

–And finally, they want to cut USAIDS family planning money, which goes to developing nations. And they can’t allow them to have more sane family planning than the US. 


Speaking of The Handmaid’s 2: The Return of Chucky — (Dammit, We Were Hoping the Sequel Would Turn Out Better) 

Jane Doe, the Texas immigrant seeking an abortion still hasn’t received medical treatment and this delay method the GOPunishers are using is almost as insane as their insistence that the “rhythm method” is a viable form of birth control. The ACLU is fighting the decision from an Appeals Court that further delays Jane Doe’s abortion. Here’s the latest, but follow along with the hashtag #JusticeForJane for updates as they come in.