This Gor-sucks! Case of Pregnant Immigrant Girl May Go to the Supremes

That case we’ve been following of Jane Doe, the 17-year-old Guatemalan woman being denied her abortion rights by the Trump administration may soon end up before the Supreme Court. As this concise CNN article shows, this is really about whether the government can police entry and exit to YOUR womb like they do with the border. And that may be decided by a Trump Supreme Court pick!  


Nun of Their Business—Trump DOJ Hands Decisions Over Your Birth Control to Your Boss, Random Nuns, And, And, And Basically- Anybody But You 

‘Member  last week Leaguers when we told you about the Trump administration settling a bunch of lawsuits that will allow your employers and any holy rollers who shriek “religious liberty!” to determine YOUR access to birth control. This Buzzfeed piece gives the gruesome details. Oh, and YOUR taxes will be paying for the legal fees of those who just won control over YOUR bathing suit area!


MO Legislation, MO Problems—Missouri Makes Abortion Harder, and Discrimination Easier

Shit buffett, anyone? Missouri is offering up a whole shit steam table chockfull ‘o’ TRAP laws. And it’s also got a delightful provision that literally allows fraudulent fake clinics, like this one in Missouri we exposed  JUST YESTERDAY on FB live, to discriminate against people on the basis of their birth control use or if they have had an abortion! Welcome to Missouri, where rights are suppressed and liars are protected! You MUST read this article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


Activism By Anti-Choice Fucknuts in California Proves “Safe State” is only A State of Denial

If you think there’s such a thing as a “safe state” when it comes to abortion rights, you gotta read (if you can stand it) this nasty screed in the opinion section of a paper that’s in La-La Land in more ways than one. Every state is full of rocks that shelter these kinds of maggots. It’s ugly, but we have to turn them over.


Hello?? Planned Parenthood “Killed Rock”!? Repro Rights Mean MORE Women Rock!

Check out this unintentionally absurd shit-spew from an angry troll-toad saying that Planned Parenthood killed rock music (!?)  You know, all those righteous rock anthems about abstinence that Planned Parenthood paid off radio stations not to play?— Seriously- Go fuck yourselves, because Planned Parenthood can’t ruin THAT for you. Also, Jesus would hate your band.