Huzzah! A Case of Rights and Wrongs: Wronged Immigrant Girl Finally Granted Her Abortion Rights

Whoo hoo! We will take a moment to run a victory lap for Jane Doe, the immigrant whose abortion rights Trump’s fundamentalist minions were trying to quash! Constitutional Democracy 1, Theocratic Dictatorship 0. The courts have ruled that laws AND RIGHTS apply to everyone here, so it’s a victory for all of us!

Big Brother and the Little Sisters: Do Not Rest on Your Reproductive Laurels! Trump Is Allowing Holy Rollers to Use the Government to Roll Over Your Constitutional Rights!

Are you asking, “How did the shit storm over the unfortunate immigrant girl whose story is told in the previous post happen?” The path to this fuckery is paved with ill intentions. Donald Trump is letting evangelical nutcases that he’s appointed turn the government into a theocracy to enforce their fundamentalist agenda. Let Dahlia Lithwick of Slate be your guide to how and why in this next MUST READ piece.


Iowa Is Still Waiting for a Final Ruling on their Bat-Shit 3-Day Waiting Period

The case of Jane Doe’s incarceration-enforced waiting period for an abortion is a glaring example that waiting periods are nothing but ass-nasty ways to punish women who demand autonomy over the bodies. Not so fast, Missy! The IOWA waiting period law is the same cynical crap—read about it here.


Jane DOH! The Anti’s Spin on Jane Doe Is a Whole New Horror Story!

Of course the anti-abortion flap-fuckery machine is spinning overtime to paint the story of the girl who was victimized by those same fundamentalist ogres as one of mobs of pregnant foreigners assaulting our borders demanding abortions. Those puritan monsters think that the only laws that apply to the undocumented are laws to keep them out. Our laws protect all who are here!


Lies, Damn Lies, and CPC-Level Lies: Fake Abortion Clinics Break New Ground for Fraud-acity!

The need to EXPOSE FAKE CLINICS that trick desperate patients into believing that they’re real abortion clinics has never been greater. This great piece from Rewire shows even more new extremes of lying and fakery from one MASSACHUSETTS CPC. And it quotes LPJL founder Lizz Winstead about what the fake clinics are doing, and what you can do to help stop it.


Missouri, Compromised: It’s the Gateway to the Worst Abortion Laws Ever!

Missouri seems determined to put into effect the fug-ugliest abortion policies this side of Texas. And nobody seems to be able to find a court that will put a halt to this Show-Me shitshow! Check out the Rewire article for a great primer in how this state has gone bat-crap bonkers.