Scott Lloyd, The inhumane ghoul Trump appointed to Detain Pregnant Immigrants and other horrors, also thinks You Should Give Up Your Abortion Rights If You Accept a Free Condom!

Shocker right?! Turns out this dude has  has a long history of spewing shit, as we’ve noted before. In the past he’s said that women who get free contraceptives should sign a “pledge” not to get an abortion, and that abortion rights infringe on men’s “right to procreation.” Emma O’Connor in Buzzfeed exposes this festering boil for what he is. 


Jane Doe Speaks! HEAR FIRST HAND how The Insane Trump POSSE’s Treatment of Refugees Has Real Effects on Real People

While crap KEEPS EMERGING From that Refugee Resettlement Rogue Scott Lloyd, finally we hear first hand just how bad it is. Antonia Hylton of Vice interviews Jane Doe, giving a voice to the flesh-and-blood victims of Trump’s henchman’s approaches to immigration and reproductive rights.


It Ain’t Over Til the Misogyny Monster sings—And Not Even Then …

Finally Jane Doe was able to exercise her right to an abortion! . But the issue isn’t settled and the fight sure as fuck isn’t over. This great Think Progress piece explains how Jane Doe’s case is still going forward. The obscene shitbaggery they put her through is still official Trump regime doctrine, and until that’s changed, nothing really has changed.


Turd World: Anti-Abortion Crusaders in the US Want To Keep the Rest of the Americas in the Dark Ages of Repro Rights—BY FUNDING FAKE CLINICS

Let’s not forget, Jane Doe fled Central America because women have few rights, and Abortion is illegal.  If caught, women who have them are jailed for years. . You must read about this Guardian investigation that shows how millions of dollars are being sent by crazy fucks in the US to keep the laws crazy and fucked in Latin America. And that even includes the ultimate insanity of US-style fake clinics!#ExponerClinicasFalsas!


House Bill wants to Ban Abortion After 6 WEEKS! At Least You Have Time to Do Something About this Fucking Bill! 

WTF? Heartless shits in the House are getting ready to push a “heartbeat” bill that bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected—around SIX WEEKS! That’s before many people know they’re pregnant! Does that include the 3 day waiting period, you fucks? State versions of this lunatic bill have been tossed out by courts all over the country because it’s so clearly unconstitutional. Check out this Refinery29 piece… before it’s too late!