We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Burn Book: Add Trent Franks to The List of The 20 Week Abortion-Ban Dickwads

Lying from the get-go: The “Pain-Capable Child Protection Act” includes a blatant lie right in the name! Yep this horrifying ban set to be voted on TOMORROW bans abortion after 20 weeks on the false claim that a fetus feels pain at 20 weeks of development. Here’s a look at co-sponsor, Rep. Trent “garbage juggler” Franks, who has a pedigree of lying that includes peddling the “legitimate rape” bullshit. 


Inserting Their Anti-Abortion Noses Where They Don’t Belong AGAIN: The Tax Reform Edition

Seeking SUCK-sess: Anti-choice knob-goblins FAILED to use the FAILED healthcare bill to defund Planned Parenthood, so now they’re going to use the tax reform bill to try it again. Rewarding billionaires and punishing poor women in the same bill is GOP synergy! Here’s a great roundup from The Mary Sue of that and other anti-choice fuckery.


The Real DC Heroes: Activists Prove There is No Racial Justice Without Reproductive Justice

The repressive dickwads just keep coming at us like a pain-in-the- ass-teroids game, so we have to keep COMING TOGETHER! LPJL joined this weekend’s March for Racial Justice and March for Black Women, which literally came together to demonstrate how causes from racial justice to women’s issues all overlap. Check out this ThinkProgress recap! We can multi-task too, motherfuckers! 


Ain't Nobody Got Tom For That #TomPrice

Now ex-HHS Secretary Tom Price was a misogynist devoted taking a sledgehammer to reproductive rights. But the rightwing is full of them—and they don’t all have Price’s predilection for luxurious air travel. After reading this, you can be sure Price’s replacement will just same kind of asshole, but will be relegated to flying commercial. 


23 Reasons Why Irish Women Deserve a 4 Leafed Clover In Next Year’s Abortion Referendum

Enough of 8! This weekend thousands of Irish women marched to put an end to Amendment 8, which virtually outlaws ALL abortion in Ireland. It’s one of the most restrictive abortion laws on earth, but its medieval time may be up! Bustle explains why in this great article. 


Abortion and Prenatal Services Sitting in a Tree*, H-E-L-P-I-N-G!

*Delaware Planned Parenthood

Choice means choice! And anti-choice dipshits are having a cow over the fact that Planned Parenthood is offering expanded prenatal care. That doesn’t quite jive the anti’s “abortion industry” lies. It’s about Planning AND Parenthood, you shit-heels.