America Keeps Stepping in Scott Lloyd, and Now He’s Stuck to Our Shoe

Scott Lloyd, the nasty Trump ghoul who tried to hold the pregnant immigrant girl hostage in an abortion reeducation unit, is still forcing refugees to submit to CPC brainwashing. The revelation is he’s on record urging “savvy lawmakers” to require women to get men’s permission for abortions.  Read the gruesome details in this vital piece from Business Insider.


House GOP to Women: You’re Free to Have Your Abortion—Just Do It Yesterday

Just in time for Halloween, the House GOP has raised a horror show of a bill that makes abortion virtually illegal after 6 weeks. Even if by some miracle you KNOW you’re pregnant at that point, GOP economic policies will make sure you don’t have the money to get an abortion. This excellent article by Monique Judge of the Root explains the shit-splatter that this bill would cause.


Fact Free Speech? Supreme Court Might Decide That CPC’s Have the Right to Punk You!

Trick or Treat? The fake CPC’s in CALIFORNIA are challenging a law that just requires them to let their hostages—I mean clients—know that such things as contraception and abortion even exist! Now that fight might be going to the Supreme Court—check out this article in the LA Times. Here at LPJL we’ve been working hard to Expose Fake Clinics that masquerade as abortion providers. We’ll see if SCOTUS is willing to stand up to them.


More Lies! Roe v Wade Is No Big Deal—The States Will Be Happy to Police Your Uterus

The propaganda spew crew at the Federalist are once again propping up the phony notion that a repeal of Roe v Wade would just let those good friends of repro rights in the statehouses decide what happens in our wombs. Hello! Legislatures across the country are already passing laws banning abortion when such laws are unconstitutional! If they get the green light, that’s the end of abortion rights!

Alabama Refuses to Be the Worst Place on Earth for Repro Rights

And finally, a little good news—and it’s from ALABAMA (of course!) A court has blocked a law against the safest and most common 2nd trimester abortion procedure and banning clinics near schools.  That kind of bat-shittery is par for the course in a lot of states, so it’s great to see a little less deep shit in the Deep South.