Real Stories From Real People That Would Be Affected By The Shitty 20 Week Ban

The real pain. The House has passed the so-called “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” that would virtually outlaw abortion after 20 weeks. This farce is based on the LIE that fetuses feel pain at 20 weeks—and ignores the FACT that this bill will cause REAL pain to REAL people. Here are just a few articles detailing some of those people’s stories. 

TIME: I Didn’t Want to Terminate My Pregnancy at 20 Weeks. But I Needed To 

HuffPost: What It’s Like To End A Pregnancy You Hoped For 

Women’s Health: ‘I Had An Abortion At 23 Weeks – This Is What It Was Like’ 

LPJL’s Founder issued this statement:

Known for sounding the alarm on the terrifying erosion of access to reproductive rights, Lady Parts Justice League founder Lizz Winstead states: “While the country is in the midst of several crises– people in Puerto Rico, Houston and Florida are dying and dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters, and just two days after the largest mass murder in US history, our politicians voted against the humanity of women. Instead of dealing with gun violence, the destruction of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure, or the renewal of CHIP health coverage for poor children, our government would rather spend their time punishing women.”

To add insult to injury, this bill is based on science that is not true. This 20-week ban is fraudulently based on the belief that at 20 weeks, a fetus can feel pain despite the fact that the majority of physicians assert that, based on all the available evidence, a fetus isn’t capable of feeling pain until the third trimester.

“The science just isn’t true. It’s all based on lies. Lies! Lies! Lies! They run these beliefs through their quack research and their quack researchers say it’s true and next thing you know you have a law that will lead to many women dying, particularly low income women and women of color,” Winstead states. “Clearly misogyny has replaced blood platelets.”

A particularly cruel aspect to the bill is its mandate that forces rape victims to wait 48 hours and make two visits to see two different providers before having an abortion. Instead of advancing women’s health by providing timely options for rape victims, the 20-week abortion ban delays women’s ability to access abortion care.

Lizz concludes: “It’s appalling that there aren’t more stories in the media about this horrific bill. As a rapid response media organization, LPJL will continue to fight all the ways we can to out extremist politicians and their horrific policies. Despite the government being hell bent on preventing women access to better healthcare we will continue to use humor, parody, and of course facts to advocate for women to have the ability to do what they want with their bodies.”


Anti-Choice Messaging and Pseudoscience are Why We Need to Be Loud Because No One is Shutting That Bullsh*t Down

Bring on the Pain… Bullshit: The notion that fetuses feel pain comes from endless repetitions of lies in anti-choice echo chamber media outlets. While the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say flat out that science shows fetuses cannot feel pain, the anti’s endlessly quote themselves and their own websites to “prove” the opposite. They need to be called out constantly! 


Traveling For Abortion Care in America is Becoming a New Lewis and Clark Expedition

Travel & abortion restrictions—One reason many women have to wait until later in their pregnancy to terminate are the abortion restrictions from the very same assholes who want to ban the later abortions that THEIR POLICIES often cause! Women like the one in this gripping NPR piece have to drive hundreds of miles to exercise their rights—if they can. 


ACLU Sues Gov’t Over Abortion Pill Restrictions. Why? Because It’s TOTALLY SAFE!

For those women lucky enough to know they want to terminate a pregnancy early on, there’s now the abortion pill—and of course anti-choice forces are working overtime to deny access to that! The abortion pill is incredibly safe and effective—translation: It’s a nightmare for the opponents of repro rights. Read how the ACLU is working hard to roll back restrictions on the abortion pill. And check out this LPJL video for the facts and a few laughs over this crap! 


Missouri Dept. of Health Sends an Emergency Memo Trying to Enforce ANOTHER Abortion Pill Restriction. In Other News, Are Memo’s Still a Thing?

Anti-choice fukkwads are forcing us to play whack-a-mole while they’re playing around with your constitutional rights! Read how MISSOURI—ground zero for shitty abortion laws—just imposed a new abortion restriction on the very day that a court blocked two other restrictions! They treat it like a game and they want to make sure women lose.