If There’s A Hell, There A Special Place Reserved for For People Who Want to Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks, And Here Why

The threat of a nationwide BAN on abortion after 20 weeks is a real! You need to know WHY that’s so frightening and just WHO will get hurt. Most such abortions are due to problems found with the viability of the fetus in women who may have planned to keep the baby, or with women who are economically or otherwise vulnerable. Please check out these links! They explain the political threat, and more important, the articles in Self, Salon, and the Washington Post share stories of women who have NEEDED abortion care after 20 weeks. These are stories you need to know! 


BOY, BYE: Anti-Choice Rep Who Says The Only Woman Who Can Have An Abortion is His Mistress, is Leaving Town

BTW, that sick 20-week abortion ban is co-sponsored by the sleazebag in this story! Coincidence? More like ironic justice. If you haven’t heard the one about the anti-choice Congressman who urged his mistress to get an abortion, then you really MUST check out this NPR piece about that slimeball finally bowing out. Rep. Tim Murphy is OK with one exception to abortion bans—for himself. 


WWLouisGohmertD? He Would Use the Bible to Spout His Hatred For Women, That’s What

And Tim Murphy isn’t the only fake factwad who is cosponsoring the abortion ban bill. For a good look at the kind of nauseating bottom-feeders that form the vanguard of anti-choice extremism, check out this Right Wing Watch article about the latest rat-droppings from the truly repulsive Rep. Louie Gohmert. UGGH! Louis is the LAST thing you want in your uterus. 


If Ya Can't Beat Em, Hack Em: The Scary Trend of Abortion Clinic Cyberattacks

Not OK Computer! It looks like when those anti-choice creeps are not out on sidewalks in front of clinics screaming at patients, they’re at home conducting cyberattacks on clinics from their miserable troll-dens. This great piece from Wired shows how insanely bad this problem is—and how it’s intentionally spurred on by anti-choice politicians! 


Three Cheers for Three Abortion Access Legal WINS in Florida!

Let’s end on a few rays of sunshine from the Sunshine State. This truly excellent op-ed from the Sun Sentinel details three key victories for repro rights in Florida–court blocks on Florida’s 24-hour waiting period and their ban on Planned Parenthood receiving any Medicaid funds, and an injunction against an insane law making it a crime to advise or assist a woman seeking an abortion! Really! Read it!