Rolling Back the Birth Control Mandate and reducing access to abortion is the perfect metaphor for this congressional clown posse

And here’s ANOTHER alternate path to repro rights hell—the threatened roll back of the BIRTH CONTROL MANDATE! That would allow your boss to dictate whether or not you get contraceptive coverage. Hell, as Erin Gloria Ryan explains for The Daily Beast, that means your boss can deny you birth control if he doesn’t like the idea of you having sex! Read it! 


Lindsey Graham is Putting on a Failing Political 20-Week Ban Show That We’re All Paying For 

And a big step toward bringing on that world of criminalized abortion is the 20-week abortion ban passed by the House and currently before the Senate… with 45 cosponsors! It needs 60 votes to pass, so best case it’s a monumental waste of time and money. Worst case—it’s HUGE step down the road to repro dystopia. Either way, you need to read this and this.


The Saga of the 20 Week Ban Has Many Republican Dicks in the Air and it Might FilliBUST in Their Faces.

That worst-case scenario of the 20-week abortion ban passing the Senate becomes an unavoidable reality if Misogynist-In-Chief Trump gets his way on eliminating the filibuster. Read here how the only thing standing between you and a theocracy is a fragile “gentleman’s agreement” on Senate rules. Just ONE MORE REASON we need more women making the rules.


Abortion Ban Co-Sponsor Tim Murphy Aborts His House Seat After His Mistress Exposes His Hypocrisy  

Order up! Justice is now being SERVED to REP. TIM MURPHY, the human snot loogy who urged his mistress to get an abortion while anti-choice diatribes. Congressman Slimebucket announced he was resigning… but not before voting for the 20-WEEK ABORTION BAN! But then the rules don’t apply to him, right? Read about it here!


More abortion fake science From “Mainstream Conservative Media”, Oh Wait, That’s Not a Thing Anymore.

How do lies go mainstream? Right through the so-called “mainstream media.” After years of trumpeting phony studies as real science in the blatant propaganda organs of the far-right, then more “respectable” rightwing outlets like the National Review start barfing up the same lies. Repetition doesn’t make something true! This is why we can’t have nice facts anymore! 


These Horrific Stories are What We Have To Look Forward to if Abortion is Criminalized

The possible nightmare world of the future is a grim reality in El Salvador, where abortion is a crime, and women are charged with murder over miscarriages. If you want to know why it’s vital to keep fighting, you MUST read the shocking and heartbreaking expose from Alice Driver. She takes you a world where women go to jail for having an abortion—a world that anti-choice forces want to bring to you.