We Live in a Country Where Rapists Get Joint Custody of Their Victim’s Children 

THIS. IS. AMERICA. A judge in Michigan has granted joint custody of a woman’s 8-year-old child to the man who abducted and raped her when she was only 12 years old. Incredibly, seven states have absolutely no law against a rapist claiming parental rights, and 21 others require a conviction. And yet anti-choice laws are routinely passed in this country without so much as an exemption for rape or incest or even the health or life the mother. Read the horrific details here, but know that this is not an aberration.  


Oh Hello Captain Obvious, My Captain: Reducing Access to Birth Control Leads to MORE Abortions

File under “Duh!” It turns out that less access to contraceptives leads to more abortions. Trump’s move to let any employer deny their employees contraceptive coverage on their own “moral” whim will lead to more abortions—and of course they won’t allow coverage for that either. NBC News explains the numbers here. 


Just Like a Man in Bat Wings, This Shit Won’t Fly: Two States Sue Over Idiotic Rollback Of Birth Control Coverage

At least two states aren’t about to take that “moral” crap! Trump’s bullshit contraceptive ban is already being challenged in court by CALIFORNIA and MASSACHUSETTS. Read up on it here if you don’t want your employer making your birth control decisions, as your states’s Attorney general to join the fight! 


Clearly, Kentucky Didn't TAKE Civics as it Proposes an unconstitutional  Law That Makes Providing Abortion A Felony

Drink up! A KENTUCKY lawmaker is introducing a bill to make performing an abortion a felony. Oh, and also, in Kentucky’s twisted anti-choice bizarre world, taking the morning-after pill to PREVENT PREGNANCY = you’re having an abortion = you’re  guilty of homicide. But do enjoy the world-famous bourbon! You need to read this! 


A Win in (a VERY conservative) Oklahoma Overturns Restrictions on the Abortion Pill

Here’s a glimmer of repro sanity from OKLAHOMA, of all places! Check out this article on how a judge there has overturned MORONIC  restrictions on medication abortion. This law has been bouncing around the courts since 2014 so today we celebrate knowing it’s not over 'til its over, which seems like never…