People Are Not Wedges. A Wedge is a Shoe or a Cheese Increment. Read How Abortion and Bodily Autonomy Are ACTUALLY the Lefty Glue!

Come together, right now—over bodily autonomy! Far from being a wedge issue, like abortion opponents like to say, here’s someone explaining how repro-rights concepts like bodily autonomy can UNITE the left! EveryBODY has a body—it’s right there in the word! Read this and go hug someBODY. 


All The Single Payers! All the Single Payers – Fuck the Hyde Up OH OH OH 

Can’t HYDE much longer! Bernie Sanders SINGLE PAYER healthplan covers the cost of abortions for EVERYONE—finally shit-canning the Hyde Amendment that bans federal money for abortion care. Now we need to MAKE IT HAPPEN. 


The Man Who Got Into Politics to Loosen Pesticide Regulations Visited the White House to Propose a Nationwide Abortion Ban

America is a fetal heartbeat away from a virtual ban on abortion! Top anti-choice slimers including former House Speaker and infamous pest exterminator Tom DeLay just met at the White House to push a bill that outlaws any abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. That’s 6 weeks in—before you know you’re pregnant! DeLay is a former exterminator, and now he wants to exterminate abortion rights!


Getting Insurance Coverage For Abortion Care is Harder Than The D*cks Getting Discounted Viagra 

There’s no movement to block insurance for hard-dick pills, but opponents of repro-rights are making it VERY hard to get insurance for contraceptive and abortion care from private insurers. Those hard dicks have consequences, assholes! 



The Same Places That Lure Women Into Creepy Sonogram Vans Surprisingly Don’t Comply with State Law Requiring They Put Sign that Says They LIE TO PATIENTS 

Liars gonna lie! And if you pass laws making them tell the truth, they’re going to lie about doing it. New York City needs to get on the ass of the asshole Crisis Pregnancy Centers that flaunt city laws about lying to patients!