Scary Healthcare 2: Featuring Bill Cassidy and Lindsay Graham

The reviews are in… and this Obamacare Repeal sequel is the WORST one yet for women (not to mention EVERYBODY!) These two stories go deep into how it would kill abortion care coverage—on its way to killing people by doing things like blocking millions from getting preventative care at Planned Parenthood. Be afraid! And then be energized! 


Dallas Parents Apparently Don’t Want Their Kids to Know About Abortion Or Sex Trafficking

Friday Night LOW-Lights: Actor Janine Turner, formerly of Friday Night Lights and now   Incoheranter on Fox News and other various rightwing podcasts, gave a group of Texas schoolchildren material railing against abortion and talking about sex-trafficking, all under the guise of a presentation about the Constitution and “patriotism.” Like everything from the lunatic anti-choice fringe, it was wrong—on multiple levels. 


The Handmaid’s Tale Sweeps the Emmys, Gathers Activists, and Pisses Off Anti-Choicers

Handmaid in America! Anti-Choice whiners are pissed about the big Emmy win by “The Handmaid’s Tale” and the fact that the series is often used to point out the real-life dystopia that evangelical nutcases are trying to foist on us. Hey assholes—if you keep coming up with nightmare scenarios, somebody is likely to turn it into riveting TV. 


The Anti-Choice Organization, 40 Days For Life, Kicks Off Its Tour of Shaming Women This Sunday!

It’s almost time for Intolerance Fest 2017! (Name not trademarked yet!) Or as participants prefer to call it, “40 Days for Life.” Starting September 27, it’s  40 days of ratcheted-up chanting, yelling, and harassment outside of clinics all over the country. We’ll keep you up to date with coverage of the intimidation AND the resistance. 


Red Rose Rescue, Hopes to Make Abortion Clinics Its New Playground For Harassing Women

A rose by this name… smells like shit. Anti-abortion extremists in VIRGINIA and MICHIGAN are going beyond sidewalk harassment to perform CLINIC INVASIONS they call “Red Rose Rescues.” Law enforcement calls it “trespass” and 10 perpetrators have been arrested. But those behind this are encouraging people to get arrested for the sake of disrupting the clinics. These freaks will literally stop at nothing.