I’ll Take My Tea With Sugar and My Medication Abortion Information Without Fear-Inducing Propaganda, thankyouverymuch 

Just the facts, please! If your opponents rely on lies and fear-mongering, your best weapon is truth. Check out this great rundown on what REALLY happens in an abortion. Spoiler alert—it’s nothing like the horror stories you’ve been fed.  


Give Us This Day Our Daily Discrimination and Forgive Only Those Who Believe in Abstinence 

You’re NOT fired! LPJL can’t believe we need a law for this, but here we go! Get a load of this new bill in CALIFORNIA would make it illegal for holy rollers to roll over your constitutional rights. The bill bans religious employers from firing employees because of their reproductive decisions—like using birth control. Finally, you don’t have to risk pregnancy just for that job at Hobby Lobby! 


Abortions Don't Kill People, GUNS Kill People. And This Alabama Candidate Wants Militias to End Abortion 

Welcome to Hell, formerly known as ALABAMA. Meet Sam McGuire, candidate for Attorney General of Alabama. Read all about his plan to make it “hell on earth” for abortion providers by labelling abortion as homicide and using state militia to fight off any pesky feds who try to interfere. Hell on earth? It’s hell alright. Earth? Not so much.


Oklahoma Candidate Thinks You Should Straight Up Ignore Abortion Laws- Honesty is the Best..Way to Ignore Policy? 

Land of Ignore-ance. If Alabama wants a military showdown with reality, OKLAHOMA just plans to ignore it. Literally. This one is a jaw dropper. GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher says he will “disregard” any court rulings that protect abortion rights (or as he puts it, “murders preborn humans.”) Unfortunately, we don’t have the option of ignoring this douche nozzle.


Things That Don't Lie: Hips and Numbers. Over 6,000 South Carolinians Sign Letters Supporting Planned Parenthood

Repro rights defenders are sticking it into the mail slot of SOUTH CAROLINA Governor Henry McMaster. The McMaster ordered that no state healthcare funds go to any organization (Cough! Planned Parenthood! Cough!) that provides abortion… because denying people birth control is such a great way to reduce abortion. As of now petitions signed by over 6,000 people have been shoved into Henry’s mail hole. 



#ExposeFakeClinics action item! Upvote Rashe’s review or call Pregnancy ‘Care’ Center of NY and write an honest review of your own! Let’s make sure that pregnant people in Staten Island are getting facts instead of religious propaganda!