Judging This Judge Who Thought it Was Ok To F*cking Judge a Mother Based On Her Previous Abortion

The worst abortion shaming is judicial abortion shaming—it damages the victim AND the rights of all women. That’s why a judge who allowed a woman’s abortion to be used against her in a custody case has no business being on the NEW YORK Supreme Court. Abortion is a right—not something to be used against someone in court.  


To The Left, To The Left.. Everything We Need In Leadership for Abortion on the Left

Here’s a great piece about a woman who isn’t afraid to tell shamers where to put their stigma. NARAL president and general badass Ilyse Hogue isn’t afraid to tell the Democratic Party where it should go either—further to the left!


Graham-Cassidy and The Force You To Have A Kid: This Horror Film Could Be Released in January 2018

THIS SHIT AIN’T OVER! The GOP’s Graham-Cassidy healthcare nightmare is still alive and kicking—and it will be kicking the shit out of abortion care in this country if it passes. Stay informed & STAY ALERT.


California Sobers Up and Comes To It’s Senses and Cancels “Abortion Reversal” Training 

THIS WAS ALMOST A THING! ! California has come to its senses and told a “pro-life pregnancy network” that they can NOT offer nurses continuing ed credits for bogus “Abortion Pill Reversal Classes.” Hello! So-called “abortion pill reversal” is not a real thing—hence, NOT A REAL CLASS!


Anti abortion ghouls Are Mad That Maine Has Many Trained Medical Professionals Performing Extremely Safe Medical Procedure

We Vehemently Agree With This Anti-Choice Religious Article on Abortion

Maybe California should offer actual courses about abortion pills to the anti abortion nimrods in Maine. They might learn that abortion pills can’t be “reversed,” but they CAN be safely and effectively administered by a nurse or midwife. Kudos to Planned Parenthood for suing to overturn Maine’s absurd “Physician-only” rule that says that only the doctor can hand you the pill that already required a doctor’s approval!



You say “MOCK,” we say “EXPOSE!” Let’s shut the whole sham down! Anti-choice dipsticks are whiny because pro-choice activists in Texas had the guts to oppose their smarmy letter-writing campaign to get abortion care workers to leave what antis call the “abortion industry.” Actually, it’s not an industry, it’s a constitutional right. And so is mockery, assholes.