We Had What? Like 3 Hours Celebrating the Death of the Graham-Cassidy Bill Before THIS New Horrifying Bill Was Proposed? 

COMING OCTOBER 3! The US House of Representatives is voting on (and will undoubtedly pass) a bill to prohibit ANY abortion after 20 weeks based on the same junk science they always! GUESS WHAT? Human development doesn’t ever change, but that doesn’t stop them from trotting out bullshit. Everyone is counting on the Senate to be able to block it. Yes, this senate. Bad fucking plan. It’s just like all those votes in prior years to repeal Obamacare—it can’t really happen… until it happens! Tell your Rep to stop it NOW! 


Can Someone Check on Arizona? They've Been Spending Millions on Defending Anti-Abortion Laws and We're Worried About Them

How much does it cost to defend the indefensible? Ask the taxpayers of ARIZONA. They’ve been stuck with millions in legal fees and expenses for defending anti-abortion laws that their “lawmakers” KNOW are unconstitutional. That includes reimbursing pro-choice organizations that have to sue over the laws. Thanks, Arizona, but we’ll do our own fundraising!


Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill: Fighting To Keep People With Uteruses As Second Class Citizens Since 2016!

Speaking of throwing good money at bad ideas—INDIANA is giving Arizona a run for their money-wasting. They plan to appeal a judge’s block of a clearly unconstitutional law that prohibits abortion due to fetal disabilities such as Down syndrome. That’s a harrowing decision to make—and women in Indiana don’t want the state making it for them!



These Masters of Manipulation Pit Families with Down Syndrome and Pregnant People Against Each Other

And guess what? That INDIANA Downs syndrome law is part of a recent effort by anti-choice ayatollahs to cynically pit families who have to make tough decisions against each other. They want to make parents who choose to abort the enemies of parents who have children with Downs syndrome. Ohio is working on a similar law, and North Dakota already has one. It’s divisive, manipulative, cruel, and wrong. And it’s the exact opposite of “family values.” 


Cassidy Isn't Done Blowin' Up Your News Alerts With His BS

Senator Bill Cassidy (of the Graham-Cassidy fiasco) takes us all for a bunch of country bumpkins! He claims that money from defunding Planned Parenthood will go to rural clinics. Oh really Senator Cassidy? Like this story when RURAL Planned Parenthoods in Indiana were defunded? Between that and Indiana’s Down syndrome abortion law, it’s like we’re talking about the American lack-of-heart-land.