The way they keep focusing on defunding PP, you’d think Cabinet members were using government planes to get their abortions…

For anti-choice crazies, it really is always about abortion! The anti-abortion lunatic fringe is irate that the plan to defund Planned Parenthood through destroying healthcare didn’t work—so now they want to do it through the new tax proposal! Deprive low-income women of healthcare while enriching the wealthy—it’s GOP multi-tasking! I mean, thank the sky savior there aren’t any people in desperate need of help politicians could be focusing on right now…


Sorry But We Need To Talk About Anti-Abortion Extremist Roy Moore More

Shocker- Roy Moore, the White Walker ALABAMA Republicans want to foist on us as a U.S. Senator, also has monstrous beliefs when it comes to abortion. He’s a “life begins at jerk-off” goon who has advocated that ALL abortion should be banned basically from the moment of ejaculation, or maybe at erection. When pregnancy actually begins, is TOTALLY irrelevant to him. And worse, he has endorsed an anti-choice activist running for Alabama Attorney General who suggest that abortion providers should be prosecuted for murder. “Law and order?” Ray Moore is in the “outlaw and disorder” wing of the GOP. 


If We Had a Nickel for Every Unsafe Abortion Performed around the World Last Year We Would have…Fuq I’m bad at Math But There Were 25 Million Unsafe Abortions

Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures—yet a new study shows that half the abortions performed around the world are UNSAFE! A big part of the reason are restrictive abortion rules and the criminalization of the procedure. And crap like the Republicans “Global Gag Rule” means that the US is the world’s biggest exporter of restrictive abortion laws. America shouldn’t be making even more dangerous, a world that is already an unsafe place for women! 


The Republican Governor Of Illinois Proved Not All Republicans Look At Women As Subservient Weenie Garages 

While wishy-washy Dems in Washington debate abortion “litmus tests,” a REPUBLICAN governor just aced the damn test! THANK YOU to ILLINOIS Bruce Raener for having the smarts AND the parts necessary to sign a bill expanding insurance coverage for abortion care and keeping abortion rights safe in Illinois even if Roe v Wade is overturned. 


We Object! President of Susan B. Anthony List Is Talking About Overturning Roe With the President of the United States

OFFAL OFFICE! Donald Trump’s door is always open to evangelicals who want to visit Hell. Anti-choice evangelical activists are crowing about the “unprecedented” access they have to the Oval Office. Read why they’re saying they’re on the cusp of overturning Roe v Wade. It’s worth it for the shot of Trump & sons pretending to pray!