Planned Parenthood wins Laskers Award Putting them on Their Way to L-EGOT

And the Award goes to… Planned Parenthood. The organization that anti-choice lunatics love to hate has gotten some real love—PP has won the 2017 Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award for their work in cancer prevention and treatment. And the award comes with an honorarium of $250,000, which comes in handy as anti-abortion zealots work to take money AWAY from the award winner! (The enemies of PP are in the news too—we told you yesterday how the fake video-makers who slandered them have just been fined by a federal judge.) Of course in addition to cancer screenings, PP offers abortion care despite constant harassment, which makes them a winner on all counts.


Whole Womans Crushin’ It Wednesday

Shelter from the storm: Wondering how to help out the victims of Harvey? Whole Woman’s Health is doing it big time. WWH is offering free abortion care at its four locations in Texas to women affected by the Hurricane Harvey. Getting an abortion was already a nightmare in Texas, thanks to anti-choice Texas legislators whose actions had closed half the clinics in the state. That forced women to travel vast distances for proper care, and that has become even harder after Harvey. So in addition to free care, WWH will cover both travel and housing costs for Harvey-affected women who need help getting to the organization’s clinics. They’re using their own Stigma Relief Fund, and resources from the Lilith Fund, which helps Texas women pay for abortions. We told you about Lilith in our Friday post about Harvey. Look there for other worthwhile organizations helping with abortion care in the aftermath of Harvey. Remember, none of the federal aid money for Texas can or will go to helping with women who need abortions. It has to come from people who care.


Kentucky Still Fighting for Last Clinic, TRAP Laws Still F*cking Unconstitutional

The continuing saga: it seems like it never ends in KENTUCKY, where abortion-rights supporters are fighting hard to make sure it DOESN’T end badly! Throngs of supporters of EMW Women’s Surgical Center, the LAST clinic in Kentucky, rallied yesterday at the courthouse where that clinic’s fate is being decided. Kentucky politicians are going after EMW with a TRAP-law that tries to shut down clinics by requiring unnecessary and difficult-to-arrange admitting privileges to a local hospital. Similar laws have been struck down elsewhere, so it’s important to keep fighting in Kentucky. Abortion opponents sure aren’t stopping.


Not The Kind of “Martha” Anti-Choicers Want

Shamers Gonna Shame. Once again, conservative media outlets are trying to shame and intimidate someone who is clearly not afraid to speak out on abortion rights. Fox and other rightwing echo chamber shits are vilifying actor Martha Plimpton for an appearance this June in Seattle at a #ShoutYOurAbortion rally where she said Seattle is where she had her first and “best” abortion. Hello! The event is called SHOUT YOUR ABORTION! Fox takes glee in calling the Emmy-winning actor “Goonies star Martha Plimpton.” Well, in addition to a career with multiple Emmy noms, Martha is an outspoken supporter of abortion rights, lobbying for Planned Parenthood and participating in rallies. THANK YOU for speaking out, Martha. Conservatives… well, you still have Scott Baio.



Stop Trying to Make “Their Campaign is Failing” Happen, It's Not Gonna Happen!

FAIL FAKE. Nothing tells you that you’re succeeding more than having your opponents obsess over saying that you’re failing. So it seems our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign is definitely getting under the skin of the anti-choice dipshits. Article after article in the rightwing press screeches about how nobody is paying attention to the campaign. So why are THEY devoting so much attention to it? I guess the best way to defend FAKE “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that lie to women is with more lies. Meanwhile, over 100 people have written reviews or uploaded on the St. Paul CPC in the day since we featured it. Keep telling us how badly we’re doing—it lets us know we’re really having an impact.