Read About the Kind of “Christianity” You Get From a Catholic Priest Who Was in the KKK.

Surprise, surprise! The KKK and anti-abortion movement have more in common than just attitude and assholery. A VIRGINIA priest who was exposed as a former KKK member is also a leader in the anti-choice movement and regular sidewalk harasser. And as you will find out, the links don’t stop there.


Wanna know something Scarier Than the clown from IT? HINT: It involves the Political clowns slashing abortion access.

Despite their relentless efforts,the misogynist pigs in the TEXAS legislature won’t be able to turn women into guinea pigs—for now. A court has blocked a new law that would all but end second-trimester abortion and essentially force doctors to experiment on women. Texas wants to take away women’s rights AND their safety.


Place Your Bets – The showdown of the High Sparrows of Ohio vs Abortion Access Begins

Meanwhile the state of OHIO needs to admit their bullshit “admitting privileges” laws are just another TRAP designed to shut clinics down. They require clinics to make agreements with hospitals, then ban hospitals from entering into the agreements! EVIL GENIUS!



Pope Francis, so good on so many things, has a 2,000-year-old blind spot when it comes to reproductive rights. In a new book he offers condemnation for abortion and forgiveness for those who have an abortion. Thanks, Pope—but we don’t need either.



EXTRA! EXTRA! Jenna Bush to headline a fundraiser for a Fake Clinic! Read all about it, and let her know what you think on social!