Sure America, Let’s Keep Putting up Chipotles While Women Literally Have Nowhere to Give Birth or Get An Abortion

ENOUGH, KENTUCKY! Rural women can’t get abortion care OR maternity care. Read how the bat-shit crusades by largely rural Red State White Walkers are shutting down abortion clinics and making a shortage of ALL reproductive care in those places even worse!


Can You Believe It? Research and Science are Actually Correct About the Safety of Medication Abortion???

It never fails-when there are solutions—abortion opponents always show up to create more problems! This story explains the safety of Video conferencing with doctors for medication abortions so of course anti-choice ayatollahs oppose it. Why? Because it works! 


DAMN! The The Senate Appropriations Committee Just Gave Trump a Hearty Middle Finger and We Are HERE FOR IT! 

American vaginal crossing guards even try and stop international healthcare organizations from fighting HIV/AIDS and Zika if they so much as mention abortion. The Trumpies just put in an extra-toxic version of the “global gag rule” and this article explains how it chokes out any dissent, and they need to be called out on it! 


Uh huh, Giving Away Free Abortions in Texas is Really Just to Make COLD, HARD, CASH!

THIS HAS TO BE READ TO BE BELIEVED. In the web of smargbargle that is anti abortion logic, someone who has apparently not been exposed to math ( or was maybe just exposed to Texas public school math) wrote this gem claiming Whole Women’s Health CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller is offering free abortion services to Harvey victims in her Texas clinics to… wait for it… MAKE. MONEY. This one is rich. You know, rich like how rich you get giving away free stuff to people in need.



TGIF: Trump Gives Insane (Amounts of Money to) Fake Clinics