A fake clinic is trying to open up next door to the new Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic in South Bend, Indiana and WE HAVE A CHANCE TO STOP IT BEFORE THEY CAN DECEIVE EVEN ONE PREGNANT PERSON!

Today, there’s a last ditch effort (well, let’s be real, if they lose this they’ll keep fighting because they’re like a parasite) by anti-choice bullies to open the fake clinic. You know they’re annoying and loud, so we have to be LOUDER.

If you’re a little confused, here’s the backstory: A fake clinic called Women’s Care Center is trying to open next door to a new Whole Woman’s Health clinic (a real abortion clinic that will provide non-surgical abortions) which has yet to open. Do those two names confuse you? Could you maybe not tell them apart? If you haven’t specifically worked with Whole Woman’s (like we have)… would you maybe accidentally go to one when you meant to go to the other? Well, that is entirely the point.

Fake clinics open up next to real clinics in order to deceive patients ALL the time. And here’s one case where we can stop them in their tracks (before we even have to paint the abortion clinic path yellow to differentiate them)!

Recently, the mayor vetoed the proposed rezoning that Women’s Care Center (that’s the fake one, we’ll keep reminding you because, yes, it is confusing) would need to open. But now anti-choice First Amendment scholars are saying “Hey, free speech means we get to open wherever we want without repercussions or any considerations. And if you think we might be too aggressive well then you, dear sir, are hindering our free speech.”

There’s a particularly upsetting argument from someone named Margot Cleveland (lol, from Ohio) that the Wall Street Journal published today whining about how the zoning issue would be a HUGE blow to free speech. To this we say: slow your roll and stop playing the fucking victim EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Free speech is amazing. We love it! We love that it’s a Constitutional right. But … it does not protect you from being a dick. And stop playing so willfully naive and innocent, Women’s Care (that’s the fake one… again we have to remind). They’re acting like there will NEVER be any harassment outside of their clinic. As if this whole thing is just an elaborate thought experiment. As if they’re just this innocent little place that wants to open next door to an abortion clinic.  But we’re not idiots. Ask yourself: why would this place NEED to be by an abortion clinic? DECEIT THAT’S WHY! THEY DON’T JUST WANT TO BE AN ALTERNATIVE THEY WANT TO PEOPLE TO BE CONFUSED AND MISTAKENLY ENTER THEIR FACILITY. And that alone is predatory. That alone should be enough of a reason that they shouldn’t be allowed to open up next door.

There’s a council meeting tonight to override the mayor’s veto.

Anti-choicers will forever try to portray themselves as some innocent crusaders, so it’s up to you to expose them as the deceitful monsters that they are!  If you want to help out you can send emails, sign a petition, or even attend the meeting tonight (wearing purple) in South Bend (here’s all the info from our friends at Pro-Choice South Bend).

Demand that South Bend uphold the veto!