Sometimes we read something truly next level bonkers that anti-abobo incorporated comes up with and just sit there like “What?? HOW??” It’s kinda like when you’re watching a movie and there’s a big reveal and everyone in the theater gasps and you’re just like “Wait, no duh, I knew that from the beginning.” Well, to us, everyone in the theater gasping are anti-choicers, people who just, fundamentally, are too basic to understand what’s right in front of them.

Take this story of a Catholic school that threatened to expel a teenager who put a Planned Parenthood sticker on her laptop. Instead of a teen coming-of-age story this became like Passion of the Christ 2: Still Persecuted.  Yes yes, your religion that has survived THOUSANDS OF YEARS most certainly will not survive one tiny sticker.  And no, a SCHOOL is definitely not a place for expanding a student’s mind and allowing her to think for herself. ***Head desk*** And then when people fight back against the policy, Big Brother Anti-Abortion argues that their religion, you know, the one that dictates policy and thought and fucking bank holidays in the U.S. like no other, is somehow miraculously THE VICTIM in all of this. **head different desk after you broke the first**

Sometimes these monsters have misdirects so cruel and out of left field it’s like we’re living in a horrible horror movie! Lying to women and threatening patients somehow becomes a “free speech issue.” (Quick reminder: “Free speech” does not mean just getting to yell whatever you want wherever you want. If it did, I wouldn’t have gotten kicked out of the Met for yelling about Socrates’ unrealistic abs!) The uterus brigade thinks life is so special and fragile that they … want people to try this completely untested bullshit idea of “abortion reversal.” HHS which is supposed to protect refugees, has dictated policies so severely that lawyers (who are also supposed to protect refugees) are too scared to even mention basic healthcare to their clients. FUCKING ICE (THE DEVIL INCARNATE) GETS TO DECIDE IF IMMIGRANTS GET ABORTIONS, BECAUSE NOW APPARENTLY THEY OPERATE ABOVE THE LAW!

But the truth is, as much as we can point at all the fallacies in anti-choicer plotlines, a lot of the time they know exactly what they’re doing. They’re just gasping for attention!


HHS intimidated SO THAT people would be afraid to mention abortion. They are vague about what their fake clinics will offer SO THAT people will be tricked. They extend waiting periods SO THAT people run out of time to get an abortion. And that’s why this week, like every week: we can’t fall for it. We gotta build some big billboards to drown them out (like Whole Woman’s did). And fight in all 50 states (like Planned Parenthood’s new initiative). It’s our responsibility. Because we know how this movie will end if we don’t.