Anti-choicers have the nerve to call themselves “pro-lifers” (we know you know, stick with us). They hoot and holler about “dead babies” and the “sanctity of life” and they act like each abortion is an assault on them personally, like the reverse of an angel getting his wings every time a bell rings. But yet, whenever there’s, you know, a major news story about protecting real living kids (like CHIP) they are astoundingly silent. And boy, were they silent this week, as some incredible teenagers grieved for their classmates by calling people to action.

Unless, of course, they were Arizona Rep. Kelly Thompson who nonsensically blamed school shootings on abortion, which is both insane and totally expected. And that’s a bad but common combo. Kelly said “We are in a culture of death where it’s OK if you have an unwanted pregnancy to just go ahead and kill that child.” Yes yes, valuing human life begins at conception and ends… as soon as they become a political inconvenience to you.

Like the rest of her fetally obsessed ill-k, Thompson’s definition of “child” doesn’t extend to actual children. And that was all over the shit that they were doing this week: ARIZONA enacted strict rules about what to do for fetuses that are born alive after abortion procedures, and no, that doesn’t actually happen. Congress moved to make the child tax credit available for any fertilized egg out there! It’s part of the “personhood” swindle that’s really meant to eliminate abortion rights—like they’re trying to do in SOUTH CAROLINA this week.

Meanwhile, always busy ARIZONA wants to require women to justify WHY they want an abortion.  While women there are being forced to defend their basic rights, the Trump administration has set up an office of “Religious Rights” that allows any hypocritical healthcare worker with a grudge to lodge official complaints about not being able block other people’s repro rights. Not that that’s difficult to do—14 states are shoveling over $40 million towards funding FAKE clinics, and puritan extremists are being invited to write Medicaid policy.

At least a jury in MICHIGAN stepped up and said no to harassment that gets physical. They slapped a guilty verdict on a bunch of “Red Rose Rescue” thugs who invade clinics to intimidate patients while using flowers to mask the stench of what they’re doing. That’s their “culture of life.” We have to keep on standing up to their lies and to their intimidation. And that’s the week that was!