On our commute this morning we all got hit by a particularly brutal blend of sleet, rain, and snow, rendering of our umbrellas useless. The whole time, we couldn’t help but think “Man, what an apt metaphor for the bomb cyclone of hateful legislature anti-choice Poseidons are trying to pass this week.”

Take this perfect storm of a TRAP law from South Dakota. They already mandate that doctors have to lie to their patients and say things like “abortion causes depression” (sleet). But now, they’re mad that doctors have been prefacing these full-on lies with statements like “Politicians make us say this” (a nice windbreaker from the storm). SO, SD decided to bring the snow and rain by now passing a law that legit, just says that these doctors are meanys who didn’t tell their lies the way they wanted.

Man, that was a lot… or wait here comes an even heavier deluge: Mississippi moved forward on a 15-week abortion ban, Iowa got a step closer to a completely unconstitutional 15-week abortion ban,  Missouri moved to mandate parental notification from BOTH parents, and Wyoming decided that a state mandated fetal death certificate would really help kickstart the healing process of a miscarriage.  

Honestly, we think these anti-choice amateur weatherman think they’re God himself, bringing down vengeance on those who have wronged them, but they’re just the plagues. Speaking of Mike Pence, he made the blanket declaration this week that abortion will  end “in our time.” They call us snowflakes, but the snowdrifts are these Red Rose Rescue protesters who blockade themselves between a patient and her safe abortion. Oh and travelling faulty Armageddon insurance salesman Flip Benham, “preached” damnation by… telling a clinic worker she was “dead” three times. You better believe he then argued that he wasn’t threatening this woman at all, but he did still get arrested.  Don’t threaten my life and say it’s just sleet/snow/raining, you know!

And while it might feel like you’re holding up an umbrella against a hurricane, always remember: we’re on the right side. And we have the tools to fight the storm. Like, facts, we have facts. A new study this week confirmed what we know, that TRAP laws are punitive and pointless.  The 1 in 3 campaign is like a warm coat when it comes to fighting the storm, destygmatizing abortion one story at a time. And pro-choicers very own Elsa, Amy Hagstrom-Miller faces the storm head on in a frickin’ blue dress and power braid (or, you know, a sensible paint) and tells the anti-choicers in South Bend that are trying to bury her in bureaucracy that they won’t scare her, she’s gonna build her ice castle clinic and let everyone in need in!

The storm’s been raging, but we know you can all strapon your rainboots, slap on a windbreaker, and go out there, and let the storm know it’s not gonna keep you down!