Well well well well, we’ve made it to the Friday before Mother’s Day and if you haven’t gotten a gift yet, you better hope your mom likes just some shit from Walgreens or breakfast in bed again.

Perhaps there is no better time than Mother’s Day to talk about the dichotomy of women (did you like this turn?). For haters, for anti-choicers, for conservatives, for all-around creeps, you’re either a “Madonna” or a “whore.” A “virgin mother” or you know, a slut. And you better believe this shitty dichotomy doesn’t allow for, you know, transgender men who can still get pregnant or transgender women who can be loving mothers. In short: it sucks. And nowhere is it more apparent than outside of an abortion clinic.

There, extremists bully and berate people wishing to get abortions, but then say in the same breath that if they become “mothers” they are once again, acceptable. Never mind the fact that a good number (59%) of women who are seeking abortions ARE ALREADY MOTHERS.

This Mother's Day let's remember: there are more than two kinds of women (and more than two kinds of trans men with uteruses who can also get pregnant!). There are people who desperately want to be mother’s again, but suffer extreme loss. There are mothers who want to be reunited with their kids, but need your help (#BlackMamasBailOut).

There are people who just found out they are 7-weeks pregnant who live in Iowa who are terrified. Or a person in Minnesota who knows what a sonogram looks like, but has already made her decision. Or a person who thinks they are going to a real abortion clinic, but are about to be yelled at and fed lies by a worker at a fake clinic. Or maybe there’s a person in Iowa who has to now decide whether to report a rape within 45 FUCKING DAYS or risk not being able to get an abortion.

And honestly, if you don’t have empathy for these people, then how dare you try to use MOTHER’S DAY to further push your hateful agenda!?!!?!

But, you know the anti-choicers couldn’t muster empathy for anything other than a clump of cells. So this Mother’s Day (and every day) use yours to fight back. Send a post card to an abortion clinic, letting the people who work there  know they are valued. And again, donate to #BlackMamasBailout.

Look, we’re feeling bad about what we said at the top: breakfast in bed is a totally fine gift. Happy Mother’s Day to Mothers of All Kinds!