Our beloved photo editor went to Michigan State and because we respect her here, let’s just say we now are all at the tops of our family’s March Madness brackets.

But in the March on Abortion Rights madness, well it’s still anyone’s game. And let us just say, we think it’s pretty shady that these teams like Louisiana and Alabama brought so much heat AFTER they had been eliminated. I mean, Louisiana, if you wanna write a “heartbeat” bill, try not to do it so LATE! And Alabama literally proposed a TOTAL ABORTION BAN that makes abortion a FELONY. Coulda really used that intensity when you were COMPETING IN THE MARCH ON ABORTION RIGHTS!

We’ve got West Virginia against Ohio and Mississippi vs Kentucky (the only one clinic division). Who will win it all? Well we know that either way, the people of these states lose!!

If this gets you riled up, maybe stop spending money on March Madness bets and donate to an abortion fund in these states so that the activists can keep working hard to stop the erosion of rights!

That way, we all win!