You’d be forgiven if you didn’t remember today was Mardi Gras. Literally everything is a freaking nightmare right now and we cannot be made to think of a PARTY! 

But, Mardi Gras is a perfect time to think of our friends in Louisiana. It’s maybe the only time during the year when all eyes are on Louisiana! Except this year, everyone who cares about reproductive rights should be looking at Louisiana next week when the Supreme Court hears June Medical Services LLC v. Russo (the artist formerly known as June Medical Services LLC v. Gee). 

A little background on this case which we’d certainly say is the exact opposite of a Mardis Gras celebration. Instead of drinking and partying and being free… this case is about a technical bureaucratic law that could end the right to abortion in the United States. The basics: Louisiana passed an “admitting privileges” law that said providers are required to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic. This law is IDENTICAL to the law that SCOTUS deemed an undue burden in 2016 in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt. SO WHAT HAS CHANGED? Well, the makeup of the court, of course!

And two ADDITIONAL garbage parts of this! ONE Louisiana, who, let’s remind you, passed a law they KNEW was unconstitutional, has decided that even so they GET to go on the OFFENSIVE and tack on SOME MORE NONSENSE to this nonsense case. They’re counter-suing to argue that ABORTION PROVIDERS should not be able to challenge these anti-abortion laws. Instead a single patient would have to. This should literally make your blood boil. Imagine how cruel it is to make someone argue … say… a 72-hour waiting period… by … waiting months and months for a court to make a decision. IT’S FUCKING RIDICULOUSSSS!

And another terrible part of this whole thing? 207 members of Congress signed on to a brief saying they wanted to Supreme Court to reconsider Roe.

So you know that dude who told you you were overreacting when you said that Roe could end in our lifetime? Kick him in the fucking face.

Then get on a bus and come to the Supreme Court with us!