Y’all this week has been a PRIME example of “masculinity so fragile” and we are living for it. I mean, all the ways in which they say “host body” is truly next-level denying our humanity, and we are of course, fucking pissed off about it, but we’ve decided to adopt a bit of a condescending “Oh no boo boo, you poor thing, you don’t understand SHIT about bodies.” Take all the warrior women on Twitter explaining that SIX WEEKS is after your LAST PERIOD not your MISSED PERIOD. LOL boys, wish we could show you a picture of all the STUFF that is in our tampons/underwear when we have a period that is NORMAL! EVERY MONTH! The harrowing experience for you… would be beautiful.

Then we’ve got truly, a next level self-own from Ohio politicians with this “let’s ban all birth control… we def understand how birth control works … we are def NOT Steve Carrell saying ‘I love lamp’ in Anchorman” bill. So here is a … direct quote, from this guy pushing the bill “Part of that treatment would be removing that embryo from the fallopian tube and reinserting it in the uterus so that is defined as not an abortion under this bill.” We truly love this so much… we love that they are JUST MAKING UP SCIENCE SO BLATANTLY! And like, it’s a quote that they… put in a newspaper. That some other idiot will read and be like “Hmm, why don’t they do that??” BECAUSE PREGNANCY IS NOT LIKE THE ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER MOVIE JUNIOR!

And finally finally, Alabama politicians clearly know (we aren’t sure how lol) there is a LOT of heat around the abortion issue this week (honestly, a good amount, wish it was this much every week, this shit is happening every week STAY INFORMED!) and have therefore tabled the TOTAL ABORTION BAN they are trying to pass. Well, we actually aren’t sure what happened besides TOTAL CHAOS on the Senate floor. But one thing we know for certain: these fucks are SOOOOO worried about getting their “personhood” language to the Supreme Court that they are MAD that politicians wants to add exceptions for rape and incest. “No, this isn’t about them… it’s about ME of course and getting MY definition of personhood into the history books!”

As has become the saying of this era “the cruelty is the point.”

Don’t let it win.