You know when you read something you’ve always known and felt in your bones, and it just feels so validating? That’s how we felt reading Mississippi judge Carlton Reeves writing about what an effing joke the 15-week abortion ban is. He writes, “In that spirit, this Court concludes that the Mississippi Legislature’s professed interest in “women’s health” is pure gaslighting.” YUPPPPP! TRAP laws are the most disingenuous things out there. A bunch of shitty politicians decide that like, it’s in the best interest of patients to wait just like, 9 months before they decide on an abortion… and act SOOOO upset when you’re like “Yeah, you’re actually not trying to help people.” And the dude not helping people (and appealing the judge’s decision)… is a DEMOCRAT! Can we make up some kinda folk song about how Mississippi Democrat is an oxymoron?

Speaking of people not helping, WHO are these effing scientists who agree to work with the anti-abortion Crusaders? You know how mad it makes you (and us) when you see all these sick babies because some anti-vaxxer was like “Guess we’re gonna reintroduce measles into the general population cuz we’re bad parents.” THAT’S ALSO how we feel about anti-abortion assholes who legit, don’t want us to cure Alzheimer’s and any number of diseases!

Speaking of people who are not helping (some more), all these protesters in Charlotte! You know what you could be doing that would be more fucking beneficial society… literally anything else. But yep keep harassing ONE FUCKING CLINIC, that’s def what God wants you to do. That makes… any sense. You know how in the Bible it says to not help the poor or those less fortunate, but to just yell at people in public? Oh wait, it DOESN’T SAY THAT???